Nikon F2

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I am writing this review as I owned one of these amazing cameras for 20 years, before, it got lost on a flight to the US. I bought it 30 years ago second-hand for £260 from a second-hand camera shop in Bond St, London. I started taking pictures with an f 1.8 50mm then added an  f 1.4 non-A1 50mm, an A1  f 2.8 24mm, a 105mm for portraits, a Vivitar 70 - 200mm zoom which I never really liked and a finally an  f 2.8 135mm. I took this kit all over South America, Europe, the US and Australia, dropping it many times on the way and in all those years the only thing I had to replace was the felt on the light-trap on the film door. If you're looking for an all-manual 35mm camera this and the later F3 are a very safe bet. It's a camera that will become a part of you. There are some great guides on line with regards to the different Photomic heads you can get, basically the F2AS is the one that is normally worth the most.

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