Nintendo 3DS Vs. Nintendo GameCube

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Deciding between video game consoles can be intimidating when you consider the great variety of options out there. The 3DS and GameCube are both solid performers for game players and families alike. The 3DS excels in online gaming and rises above with its Wi-Fi, while the GameCube is also noteworthy.
Nintendo 3DS Nintendo GameCube
Features Nintendo 3DS Nintendo GameCube
Height 7 cm 4 cm
Console Ram 128 MB 40 KB;24 KB
Weight 230 gr 3.5 gr
Console Color Red;Pink;Pearl Pink;Midnight Purple;Metallic Red;Ice White;Flame Red;Cosmo Black;Coral Pink;Cobalt Blue;Blue;Black & Gold;Aqua Blue White;Purple;Platinum;Orange;Indigo;Blue;Black
Console Ram Technology FCRAM SRAM+DRAM;1T-SRAM
Screen Display Type LCD None
CPU ARM IBM PowerPC "Gekko" 485 MHz
Display Resolution (n x n) 320 x 240 Not Specified
Console Display Size 3.53 in. Not Specified
VGC Product Type Handheld System Home Console;Console
Product Name Nintendo 3DS Nintendo GameCube
Product Line Nintendo Entertainment System;Nintendo DS Nintendo GameCube
Processor Quantity 2 1
Country Region United Kingdom Not Specified
Width 13.4 cm;13 cm 5.9 cm
Battery UpTime Up To 8 Hours;Up To 5 Hours;Up To 3 Hours Not Specified
Depth 2 cm Not Specified
Graphic Video Fill-Rate Not Specified 0.65 Megapixels / Sec
Console Sound Processor Not Specified ATI Flipper 81 MHz
Hard Drive Cache Not Specified 256 KB Write-Back;256 KB

Nintendo 3DS

The 3DS has an 800 x 240 pixel screen resolution, allowing you to look at detailed game images. Furthermore, you can enjoy a large viewing area thanks to its 3.5-inch screen size. Its Wi-Fi helps you access Internet services. In addition, the 3DS sports a 128 MB RAM capacity, allowing you to enjoy smooth responsive gaming performance.

Nintendo GameCube

The GameCube boasts a 485 MHz processor speed, so you can immerse yourself in intensive gaming experiences. Furthermore, you can take advantage of excellent system performance thanks to the GameCube's 24 KB to 4 MB RAM capacity.

Comparing the Nintendo 3DS Vs Nintendo GameCube

Overall, the 3DS edges out the competition and is the one to pick for online gaming. The 3DS has Wi-Fi, so you can connect more easily to the Internet. What's more, you can notice much more improved gaming performance thanks to its larger available RAM capacity. However, the GameCube does well with a fast processor speed.

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