Nintendo 64 Vs. Nintendo Wii U ZombiU

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Quite a few consumers realise that deciding between video game consoles can sometimes be daunting. They find a multitude of designs to ponder and each offering has its unique differences. The 64 Black and Wii U ZombiU are both great for families and gift shoppers alike. The 64 Black has a lot going for it, whereas the Wii U ZombiU gets noticed for its Wi-Fi and does well for online gaming.
Nintendo 64 Nintendo Wii U ZombiU
Features Nintendo 64 Nintendo Wii U ZombiU
Product Name Nintendo 64 Nintendo Wii U
Height 3 cm 2 cm
Product Line Nintendo Entertainment System;Nintendo Nintendo Wii U
Console Ram 4.5 KB;4 MB;36 MB Not Specified
Weight 2.42 gr Not Specified
Console Ram Technology RDRAM Not Specified
Console Color Red;Purple;Ice Blue;Grey;Green;Gold;Fire Orange;Blue & Yellow;Blue;Black;Atomic Blue White;Black
Width 10.23 cm 6.8 cm
VGC Product Type Handheld;Console Console
Country Region Not Specified UK/Ireland;Europe
CPU Not Specified IBM Power-based multi-core processor;IBM Power-based multi-core microprocessor.
Console Display Size Not Specified 6.2 in.

Nintendo 64

The 64 Black features a 4.5 KB to 36 MB RAM capacity, so you can watch gaming performance improve.

Nintendo Wii U ZombiU

The Wii U ZombiU has a 6.2-inch screen size, so you can enjoy larger-than-life images. What's more, its Wi-Fi lets you join legions of other gamers in virtual online worlds. Catch every game detail in high-definition thanks to its 1080p HD video. Moreover, the Wii U ZombiU has an 8 GB or 32 GB storage capacity, so you can save all your downloaded games and saved settings.

Comparing the Nintendo 64 Vs Nintendo Wii U ZombiU

The Wii U ZombiU exceeds expectations and is a good choice for online gaming. The Wii U ZombiU features Wi-Fi, allowing you to connect more easily to Internet services. In contrast, the 64 Black stacks up favourably with an ample RAM capacity.

Buying On eBay

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