Nintendo DS Lite - Whats the real difference?

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There are a few small differences between the NDS and the NDS Lite which never gets mentioned so i thought i'd wright this little guide to let people know. it just may change your mind from upgrading to the newer model.

Nintendo DS:
  • GBA Games are flush with the machine when left inserted meaning the GBA games dont catch on your pockets.
  • The PSU (power supply) is exactly the same as the GameBoy SP, meaning that you dont need more plug sockets.
  • Machine comes with an official NDS strap which is used to play 'metroid prime' properly.
  • Machine is uncomfortable after a while of gaming and the weight balenced in one hand while the other uses a stylis does have an impact on this.
  • Although the machine doesn't feel as nice as the DS Lite, fingerprints are not an issue here.
  • Does not come with a GBA slot cover although this isn't an issue if a GBA game is left inside.
Nintendo DS Lite:
  • GBA Games stick out half way because the DS Lite is narrower then its counterpart
  • The PSU (power supply) is a different shape not only to the original DS but to the GBA Micro aswell
  • Machine does not come with an official NDS strap which is used to play 'metroid prime' properly. the straps can only be ordered as spare parts from nintendo themselves.
  • Machine is much more comfortable since the buttons have moved. machine is also lighter so the balencing hand doesn't tire out so quickly if at all.
  • The White DS Lite looks really tacky while the Black DS Lite shows fingerprints no matter how careful you are about it. if you clean the fingerprints often you will start to see scratch marks appear.
  • Comes with a GBA Slot cover which is more likely to be used than leaving a spare GBA game in its slot since the cover runs flush with the system.
Overall i'd choose the DS Lite, its lighter which makes a difference in long gaming sessions. the buttons FEEL like they are in the right place. it also appears to charge quicker and play longer (this may just be my imagination though or it could be because its got a fresh new battery inside it) and the NDS strap can always be ordered if your concidering getting Metroid prime (otherwise who cares)
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