Nintendo DS games are cheap?

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Yes! It looks great doesn't it... A game for the Nintendo DS (or PSP for that matter) going for about £15 less than in the stores, and heck even if it is brand new and sealed!

Why is this? Is it because someone had one free with a bundle and wanted to sell it on? A sealed copy?.... Not TOO many eBayers like to sell their games brand new and sealed if they actually liked the game (they would of played it). Check some reviews out for the game on various websites like to actually see if its WORTH the money. But what if its a chart topping game?


Well, this is the point of this little guide -

You see, you will regularly find chart topping DS games brand new, and unopened on eBay, going for quite a bit less than in stores (even!).

The Nintendo DS (which you may not be aware of) can play games from all over the world! Namely America (being a popular one). Be SURE to ask what REGION the game is for. PAL is for the Brits, NTSC is for Japan and the USA. Now, if the game plays on regular ds'.. then whats the problem?


Well, the problem is this -

An American (or otherwise) version of the game USUALLY comes out there before being released in Europe, during the time it takes developers can put MORE things in specially for the European gamers, look out for that!

Another thing to take into account is that if you wanted to play wifi with a friend who has a European version, if you have an American version it MIGHT not link, and thats a big MIGHT but you never know.

Want another? Well, DS games CANNOT be traded in videogame stores because they do not accept games from different regions! No matter if they work on the ds or not!

You also will not have the European choice of Languages, you wont be covered for that guarantee inside... and generally even though an imported game is cheaper... it SEEMS Like a bargain, however this game may be imported and THEN sent to you. Ensure that you ask the seller the total shipping time!

I think that is all you need to know! So remember to ask what region the game is from, otherwise you might JUST be getting what you paid for! Alot of American versions of games have different artwork to what is over here, and the age rating system is different! T for teens, E for everyone, M for mature, R for restricted... over here we have the PEGI which is similar to the american version of the letter, but we have the NUMBER.. for example 4+ 12+ etc etc.
When looking at the photos of listings, look out for that. This way it could help you find out before even asking the question :)


People are looking to make a LOT of money on DS software on eBay, they might import a mass of games from America (saving them a load of cash with the currency exchange) and then sell them off over here. This is perfectly fine, as DS games work on any DS anywhere in the world. But remember to look out for those things I warned you about -

1) the box art and age ratings are different

2) you dont have the multiple language options (or manual)

3) the game just might not have the same functions or features as the European release

4) the game just might not link with a friends version which might be from our own region (this might happen, especially if the European version has some extra things in place of the American (or Japanese) versions.


Well, there you have it! A little reason as to why Brand new ds games might just be that bit cheaper on eBay. Ask away, that way you know what you will be getting!

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