Nintendo Wii Console Almost Brilliant!

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The Nintendo Wii is simply a console that offers unique gameplay at a very affordable cost. It is less than half the price of the PlayStation 3, at only about £160 in the UK and $250 in the USA.
The best thing about the Nintendo Wii is, I think, its motion sensitive controller. Nintendo offers a very cool "Remote" & a "Nunchuk" remote add-on. The controllers are wireless, and the Nunchuck connects to the Wii Remote with a wire, and can be used only on some games. And, believe me, when you sit down to play on the Wii, the gameplay is great. The motion sensitive remote works a treat (although it takes time to get used to) and the additional Nunchuck is excellent in its own right. The only disadvantage is that the controller runs out of batteries fast, so you may have to keep charging it if you like gaming for long hours.
The Wii also has built-in WiFi support and this allows you to access free online services and eventually you will be able to play games & download them, which I think is great thinking by Nintendo.
As well as this, if you have a GameCube, you can play all your GameCube games on the Wii itself, but you will need to connect the original GameCube controller, which is a bit of a pain. The Wii has slots at the top for connecting GameCube controllers & putting in GameCube Memory Cards for loading and saving games on.
Finally, coming to the end of the Good, the Wii has a built-in SD Card Reader so you can put in your SD Card and view photos stored on your SD Card.

Before we get into the bad side of the Wii, I would just like to stress that this console may not offer you the best graphics, but will offer a kind of gameplay that is unique and original.

Carrying on then - The worst thing about the Wii is that it lacks the advanced HD Graphics of the Xbox 360 and the PS3. But, this is a console that is meant to be accessible to all - and it is, because of this, very affordably priced, and so expensive features have been cut down due to a small budget.
Also, the controller takes some time to get used to and is a bit awkward at first; but I found that the Wii Sports (a free collection of games given with the Wii) guides you through using the innovative controllers.
Finally, something I found really disappointing is that the Wii can't play CDs or DVDs - not ideal for keeping in the centre of your living room, then. This is a feature Nintendo could have easily given - it is even in the original Xbox!!! A true let-down then. But consider the price - and then just forgive Nintendo for doing this.

So, the Wii is a good console. But is it right for you?
If you are just looking for an affordable console which offers unique gameplay, then I'd say yes. But, if you're just looking for pure graphics and something you can play lying on your couch, and money isn't that important, then you should really go for the other next-gen consoles, instead of the console that Nintendo has given us here. The Wii.
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