Nintendo Wii Console Whats Going On With Prices

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So we ask ourselves, whats going on with the Nintendo Wii  Console Prices.

Well its like this.  On the 1st April 2009 Nintendo announced a Price Rise to its Trade Customers (which includes ourselves) and to be honest it was a total shock and suprise to us all.  The Major High street Stores and many online retailers were in 2 minds about continuing to stock and sell the item.  Our Margins were Lost !!!!.
So the Price Rise means effectively the New SRP is £199.99  a £20 increase..  Ouch I hear you say.. 

So I also now hear you say, "the high steet stores are doing great deals at the moment on wii consoles - throwing in extra's even"  YES some of them are - BUT WHY...

WII MOTION - THE ADD ON CONTROLLER ??  hmmm  -  Not heard of it - No probably Not, Its not a secret, but Nintendo have done well to keep it quiet.

What is this motion sensor.  Well its a great piece of Kit - believe me, and will be available from around the end of June to buy.  Its a small device that clips into the bottom of your wii remote controller to give you 360 degree movement of the wii controller, GREAT I hear you say.  When playing games that support this, such a virtua tennis (coming out soon - see our listings)  means you can serve and volly as if you were on the tennis court and the remote controller will pick up your every move.

So the next thing - it seems that this nifty piece of kit will be falling into the wii console boxes from around july, so new stock from July will also have this motion sensor. 

So when you taek that into account, the price increase of the Wii Console Makes Perfect Sense, and it makes sense that any high street store or retailer with wii consoles in stock now, will want to get shot of them quick, so they can buy in the new stock with the sensor.

Thats why we think there are so many bargains and dosnt it make sense.

Of course - Dont panic if you have a Wii console already you can buy the motion sensors seperately, we will have them in stock as soon as we can

Hope you found this guide helpful.

Happy (careful) Shopping

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