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Wii Play including the Wii Remote delivers 9 mini-games for you and your friend to enjoy. When you consider that the remote alone will cost about £5 cheaper, you are basically getting a bunch of mini-games for a fiver - not bad for first-timers. You slowly get used to the sensitivity and movement of the controller. The games will bring fun for your family and the game is playable alone or with another player. The games are playable by an audience of any age and the game utilises the remote but the game lacks in depth as the games are not called mini-games for no reason.

The first game that you will encounter is the shooting range in which you use the remote to point at the screen to aim and fire at various objects such as tin cans and UFO like items that take your created Mii away. The quicker the firing the more points you will earn, the higher the number of points, the better the medal awarded at the end of the game. The game when played alone lacks depth and is more fun when played with a member of your family or a friend.

Number two of nine is Find Mii, a game that uses your Mii character to encounter challenges where you have to find pairs, odd one outs and you own Mii character. The clock starts at 30 seconds and the time increases the more you are successful. When the time runs out its game over and your score is given based on the number of rounds you have passed.

The third game is Table Tennis, a game that challenges you to keep the ball in play for 100 rallies; it’s not like real Table Tennis where you have to beat an opponent. You must move the remote left and right to keep the ball in play and once you reach 50 the speed increases and so does the difficulty. The disappointment is that you can’t play an actual Table Tennis game with another player instead you must keep the ball in play which seems rather boring. You’d expect several modes for this kind of game but as it’s only made for getting used to the Wii Remote I guess its not so bad.

Pose Mii is another game that delivers your Mii into the game; you must choose the correct pose to fit yourself into the falling bubbles. In total there are three poses and you must switch by pressing A or B on the remote. The game does a good job of testing your own skills in handling and rotating the remote at the right angle to match the correct pose. Its good fun but gets very complicated once you have passed the easy levels.

Laser Hockey, which is exactly like Air Hockey works quite well because it’s just like Air Hockey and everyone enjoys a bit of that. Single player is rather boring but two players is good fun. Angling the shots makes it difficult but with a bit of luck you can score easy, the pace of the game evolves as a rally gets longer and the game will have you playing until you’ve finally won.

Billiards, which is quite realistic as you must adjust the ball spin and pull the Wii Remote back and forth to play shots, is a game that shows more depth than any other of the nine. The table however looks small to me and you could say that the game is just luck but once you’ve played the game thoroughly you’ll have a good time in a two player battle.

You might be wondering why there is a fishing game in this compilation but actually it’s not that bad, no buttons have to be pressed you just have to place your rod and pull once the bonus or rare large fish arrives so it’s quite simple. You won’t be playing for hours on your own but maybe with another player as you’ll want to reach the high score.

Another bizarre game is Charge, a racing game that enables your Mii to ride on Cows through a short track. You must run over scarecrows and jump over barriers. The controls will get you used to what racing games will feel like by holding the controller horizontally in order to bend around corners and flicking the controller upwards to jump.

The ninth and final game is Tanks, a game that can be quite addictive but just looks dull, the introduction of tougher tanks seems a good idea and the fact that you must dodge rockets while firing only small bullets shows the toughness. This is the only game that can be played by a Nunchuck and is fun during single player, you’ll reach the 20th or so level and then try again as it’s a challenge to get through.

The game is only worth getting if your after a second controller but for £5 it’s not so bad. The plus points are that the game is exciting during multiplayer, that each game tests the controller differently and that your getting the game at a cheap price of £5. The bad points are that the game has no real depth and that you’ll only play the game to get used to the controller as the games lack addictedness. I’d say it’s only worth picking up if you're after a second controller.

Overall Rating: 6/10

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