Nintendo Wii Vs Alternative Cheaper consoles

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Nintendo Will Vs The rest

Nintendo Wii obvioulsy had an head start when it comes to the wireless gaming consoles however you may have noticed since christmas of 2008 that many cheap alternatives to the Nitentdo wii are now available. Well in all honesty we all new that the wii would not be the only wireless games console forever.

Why? well the problem that nintendo wii have is the technology they use, While the nintendo wii obviously as regestered patents for there wii console in all honesty they can only protect the way that they use that technology and not the technology itself. WHY? Well to be honest it's amazing that nintendo were the first of the big boys to exploit it as the technology as been around for many years, You only have to look at your tv remote to see this and because it is so widely used no one, not even a big company like nintendo can stop any other company producing there own version based on the technology that is already around, most of which is patent free, i could even come up with a prototype myself and patent the way i have pieced it all together. It could be said that the way they use that technology and the patent they have is light years ahead of anything anyone else can do at this moment. The fact that none of the other big players have got involved except in the use of add on's is amazing, although having said this it would seem they all have there own area's that they are concertrating on so why lose focus?

The fact that none of the big players such as sony playstion or the x box have done anything with the wireless gaming sector as given the budget games console market a gap to fill. Now the title off the guide Nintendo Wii Vs the alternative cheaper consoles can be answered quite quickly looking at it from one point of view. and that is the Wii wins the competion hands down This is due to the playability the quality graphics and the fact that they were obviously the first to start the ball rolling.

Most alternatives on the market are 16 bit and in no way can compete with the graphics of the wii also the quality as well not just of the wii but the add ons that go with it. Now i have a wii myself and although i do not use it as often as when i first bought i honestly thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. However and here is the bigger and where the alternatives can make an impact.

for one we are in the middle of the credit crunch and times are hard for many. So the price is a big selling point. I think people except that for £39.99 they are never going to get a machine thats as good as a Wii but if your on a tight budget it might just be the answer. The bigest alterantive by far as got to be the Mi Wi console for one we sold over 6000 of them at christmas alone so we obviously know that theres a market. Due to the fact that i have first hand experience and can also comment on many reasons why people choose the Mi WI rather than the nintendo wii. the following are the most common.

The Mi Wi Is only £39.99 or less     Vs the Wii At £160 +

The Mi Wi comes with 31 free games Vs the Wii Games which cost around £30+ each

The Mi Wi is a good tester for children before going to the expense fo buying the Wii

The Mi Wi As no other expensive add on's for the kids to spend more of your money on.

As you can see the Mi Wi does have great appeal for many,  for most it's obviously down to price. We had people saying that they did not want to spend all that money on the Wii just to find out that there kids are not going to bother with it, So they bought the Mi Wi with the intentions of buying the Wii at a later date, Obvioulsy those people are the lucky ones. There are many many people out there that would never be able to afford a Wii on there budget so the Mi Wii was a god send to them. One price no expensive games and something to at least give the kids a glimse of interactive gaming. For others that have more money it also became a gift that they could buy for there relations where as they would have never gone to the exspense of buying a Wii as a gift for that little cheeky nephew who normally never gives them the time of day except on birthdays and christmas. Also if like me your a bit of a retro fan then its another one for the collection. I must have had them all over the years, the superjoy the mega joy then there were the mega drive TV plug ins. So you can see why the cheaper alternatives as got a great appeal.

The final. For me when all is said and done there is no match for the Nintendo Wii as it is by far the best wireless games console out there, on the down side it can cost you an arm and a leg. I must have spent a thousand pound on mine now with the fit board, games and all the add ons.

So unfortunately if you have come to this gudie for a final decision then i am sorry to dissapoint because at the end of the day it is all about personal choice and your budget. Either way there's fun to be had. You could always look at it this way. If i was richard branson or had is money i would go on a wrold cruise every 6 months, but im not so i will have to make do with spain, corfu, or turkey but that does not mean i will not enjoy it just because it's not my first choice it all comes down to budget.

Hope you found the guide at least a little entertaining if nothing else so please give me a vote

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