Nintendo Wii Vs. Nintendo Wii U ZombiU

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Choosing video game consoles is often daunting for people. You'll find a vast number of alternatives to mull over and each model differs in its own way. The wii and Wii U ZombiU are both suitable picks for game players and teens alike. The wii shines with its popular Wiimote controller and gets the nod for fitness, whereas the Wii U ZombiU deserves praise for its large storage capacity.
Nintendo Wii Nintendo Wii U ZombiU
Features Nintendo Wii Nintendo Wii U ZombiU
Graphics Memory Capacity 3 MB Not Specified
Height 4 cm;16 cm 2 cm
Console Ram 88 MB;85.9 MB Not Specified
Weight 1.2 kg Not Specified
Console Color White;Red;Blue;Black White;Black
Console Ram Technology GDDR3 SDRAM;1T-SRAM Not Specified
CPU IBM Broadway;IBM "Broadway" PowerPC IBM Power-based multi-core processor;IBM Power-based multi-core microprocessor.
VGC Product Type Home Console;Console Console
Product Name Nintendo Wii Nintendo Wii U
Product Line Nintendo Wii Nintendo Wii U
Country Region United States;United Kingdom;Europe UK/Ireland;Europe
Width 4.4 cm;15.7 cm 6.8 cm
Depth 22 cm Not Specified
Console Display Size Not Specified 6.2 in.

Nintendo Wii

The wii has a Wiimote controller, allowing you to gesture, wave, and aim the controller to exercise while you play. Plus, its Wi-Fi helps you tap into the Internet. Play demanding intensive video game titles thanks to its 729 MHz processor speed. In addition, the wii sports an 85.9 MB or 88 MB RAM capacity, so you can enjoy snappy gaming performance. Its 512 MB or 8 GB storage capacity lets you save all your downloaded games and game settings. Also, you can protect minors from mature content thanks to its parental controls.

Nintendo Wii U ZombiU

The Wii U ZombiU sports a 6.2-inch screen size, so you can enjoy a lush panoramic gaming area. In addition, you can get online and play with other people thanks to its Wi-Fi. Its 1080p HD video helps you enjoy gaming in realistic high-definition. Moreover, the Wii U ZombiU features an 8 GB or 32 GB storage capacity, allowing you to preserve your whole family's game titles and high scores.

Comparing the Nintendo Wii Vs Nintendo Wii U ZombiU

In most cases, the wii has the upper hand and is a great bet for family entertainment and fitness. The wii features a Wiimote controller, allowing you to take advantage of more accurate motion detection. Moreover, its parental controls let you provide stronger defences against mature content to children. However, the Wii U ZombiU has a larger available storage capacity, so you can save more game titles. What's more, the Wii U ZombiU does well with Wi-Fi, impressive HD video, and an ample screen size.

Buying On eBay

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