Nintendo Wii - Worth Considering

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The Nintendo Wii has had mixed reviews and many different opinions about it have been shared on many a game chat forum. Now finally we know when it is released in Europe (8th December) and what we will be getting with it!

We at DB's Games actually think that Nintendo are onto something and may actually take the market by storm! They not only have a revolutionary system to play with (motion sensered) but they have a large selection of launch titles.

We at DB's Games feel the Wii deserves consideration when looking to buy a next generation console.

Please visit our Nintendo Wii page on our website where we have links to all the launch titles, the official Nintendo Wii information page as well as the option to Register Your Interest in a Nintendo Wii console for FREE. Go to our 'about us' section and click the link to our website:

Register Your Interest for a Nintendo Wii Here!

Once we have our confirmed prices we will start taking pre-orders ourselves; until then we would suggest that ebayers take care and use some common sense and do not attempt to purchase 'Nintendo Wii - In-Stock now buy buy buy' items on ebay, as they are con's. People do not get these consoles before release.

For more information on the NIntendo Wii visit our 'about us' page then follow the link to our website where you can view all the launch title information and Wii news!


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