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If like me you had the unfortunate demise to believe that others speak the truth then you will have been left with a Nissan remote keyfob that does not work. Actually I bought three and was left with two that would not work - read on for the reasons why.

This is not to say that these keyfobs will not work with older Nissans. If however, you are like me and own a Nissan built after 2005, you need to know a few things.

The proceedure given for programming extra keys to a newer Nissan will allow you to operate the central locking.

But that procedure alone will not allow that key to start the car.

The reason being that all keys (for newer Nissans) must have the transponder chip inside them. If there is no transponder chip then the car's engine management system will not allow the car to start

And even then, for your car to recognise that transponder chip, you will need -

  1. A garage who can hook a computer up to your car with the correct software to speak to the car's management system.
  2. The original/master key that was made for the car. If you don't have that, the car's management system may need to be replaced.
  3. The spare remote keyfobs. Remember that these have to be the type that have the transponder chip inside.
  4. It will cost between 50 to 75 quid (in the year 2010) to get all the keys programed in.

I got caught out.

After having said all this, it is worth it getting the correct keyfob from Ebay. A new one from a dealer costs around 100 pounds. That is five times the cost of getting the correct fob from an Ebayer.

So if you are going to get a Nissan remote (the two button type) from Ebay, for a Nissan built after 2005 - ask before you buy - does it have a transponder chip

I have taken pictures but as usual, Ebays flakey web pages won't allow me to post (keep getting the l;ittle yellow triangle in the bottom left corner with the word DONE.

How can it be done if it hasn't done it.
I posted a slide-show on YouTube
Search using any of the following - Nissan remote keyfob 2-button type 5wk4 876 433 mhz Siemens VDO 

Hope this helps

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