Nitro Radio-Controlled Car Parts Buying Guide

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Nitro Radio-Controlled Car Parts Buying Guide

There are many kinds of miniature cars available on the market for hobbyists and driving enthusiasts. Radio-Controlled Cars are one of the most popular choices of car because of their power and range. They are powered through a radio-frequency connection and batteries can be recharged in between drives.

Some of the most popular radio-controlled cars include Nitro cars, which use fuel to run, and these can be found on eBay:

  • Cyclone Nitro RC
  • Bug Crusher Nitro Monster Truck
  • Nitro Powered Pro Rc Truggy

Several different companies manufacture Nitro Remote-Controlled Cars including:

  • Kyosho
  • Tamiya
  • Traxxas
  • HPI
  • Himoto
  • Maverick

The one thing that all nitro cars have in common is their capacity to be used on tough surfaces for long periods of time. They are sometimes referred to as “Monster Trucks” because of this characteristic. For races and long tracks, it is recommended that fans use Monster Trucks, but for smoother surfaces and gentler rides, nitro buggies are the best choice of car.

Origins of Nitro Radio-Controlled Cars

Nitro radio-controlled cars have had a long history. Their inception can be traced back to the 1960s, when the company Mardave began to produce radio-controlled cars on the back of success from the Italian company Elettronica Giocattoli. British firm Mardave manufactured their radio-controlled cars with nitro methane and gas, hence the abbreviated name “Nitro” commonly used today.

  • Earlier models had small engines
  • Newer models have bigger engines
  • This means movements are faster
  • Game-play is longer

Today, nitro-powered radio-controlled cars are at their peak of popularity and they are considered to be the best car to race with because of their ability to run for prolonged periods in between refuelling. Nitro cars originally used a small engine to fuel their drive, but now fans can expect to create a car with a bigger engine that runs for a longer period of time (.36-.80 power). Manufacturers are constantly improving the internal dimensions of nitro-powered cars and in the future, engines will continue to get bigger, more fuel efficient and more powerful.

Features of Nitro Radio-Controlled Cars

Nitro cars got their name because of the power they use. Nitro radio-controlled cars are fuelled through a combined fuel including Nitro Methane, which is used on its own as a solvent or rocket fuel.

Nitro radio-controlled cars operate using an internal servomechanism for braking and moving purposes. This means that the engine effectively opens up to let in air and fuel mixture whilst moving. The size of nitro radio-controlled cars’ engines range from 12-35 inches, which is remarkably small for the high speeds that they can run at. The engine needs to be ignited with a Nitro Glow Plug Igniter, which is then removed once the engine is hot enough to run.

To build a Nitro remote-controlled car, it is important to be able to purchase every necessary part and this can be done on eBay.

Type of Part


Body shell

Metal screws, panels, complete body shells in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different engines


Separate arm pins, suspension shafts and ready-made suspensions

Charging Kits

Glow starts, chargers and charger bottles to contain the fuel needed to run a nitro-powered vehicle

Gear boxes

Available in a range of sizes, dependent upon the nitro car’s capacity

Body shells, for instance, help the hobbyist personalise their car. The metal screws and panels can be bought separately or alternatively complete shells can be purchased. Complete body shells are painted and can be easily affixed to the model used. Body shells come in different styles and are often black with a streak of colour.

Suspensions are also available on eBay and these enable the maker to decide how easily they want their nitro-powered vehicle to react to rough terrain. Separate arm pins and suspension shafts let the buyer decide how much of the construction they want to undertake. In other cases, complete suspensions come ready-made and this leaves the hobbyist not having to actually construct anything.

Other Nitro radio-controlled car parts include the following:

  • Batteries
  • Bearings
  • Body shells
  • Chargers
  • Fuel
  • Gears
  • Gear boxes
  • Motors
  • Screws
  • Suspensions
  • Transmitters
  • Radio equipment

Benefits of Nitro Radio-Controlled Cars

There are numerous benefits of using a nitro radio-controlled car over an electric powered car. In the broadest sense, a nitro car is most lifelike because it uses fuel and creates smoke as it reaches high speeds. Some prefer using a nitro model because of this reason, and argue that it makes the experience more authentic.

There is a great deal of skill involved in operating and driving a nitro car, and this is perhaps why there are so many competitive races involved with the sport. Turning the vehicle and manoeuvring corners is dependent upon the handler’s skill in re-fuelling the engine whilst moving. The unique aspect to nitro-powered cars is their ability to refuel in the middle of a turn, unlike others that have to be stopped and manually re-charged.

More benefits to nitro radio-controlled cars include:

  • Fast speed and similarities to driving a real race car
  • Fuel-powered cars run for a longer time than battery or electric cars

Concerns with Nitro Radio-Controlled Car Parts

There are a few issues that need to be addressed in order to know how to construct a Nitro radio-controlled car.

Wear and tear

Unlike electric-powered radio-controlled cars, nitro-powered vehicles require a lot more maintenance. Nitro cars are driven for longer stretches of time and therefore some parts may need to be replaced more often. This includes topping up the engine with fuel, replacing shock absorbers and changing the tyres.

Heavier vehicles mean more damage

Nitro-powered cars are generally a lot heavier than electric-powered cars. For this reason, any high-speed crashes that happen would have a far greater impact on the car and the bodywork may need more attention as a result.

High degree of maintenance required

Nitro-powered cars need regular maintenance. Repairing the air filter, chassis, and clutch parts and replacing the glow plug is a considerable investment, but it does ensure that the car will stay in its best condition and operate at peak efficiency.

However, nitro-powered car-enthusiasts need not worry that these concerns will develop into issues. Regular maintenance and safety checks will prolong the car’s life and give the car the best chance of competing against other high-speed, powerful remote-controlled vehicles in races.

It is worth noting that the fuel of nitro-powered radio-controlled cars should never be mixed, or replaced with gasoline as this will ignite the engine. The fuel that should be used is a combination of nitro methane and other gases (already a flammable solution in itself).

Because of the flammable nature of nitro fuel, it is essential that all safety precautions are taken when operating nitro-fuelled radio-controlled cars, and that children are fully supervised at all times.

How to Buy Nitro Radio-Controlled Car Parts on eBay

The easiest way to explore all of the car components for a nitro radio-controlled car is by browsing what eBay has to offer.

  • Selection of car parts
  • Easy to navigate
  • Choice of buyer, part and budget

The first step is to type in the phrase Nitro Radio-Controlled Car into eBay and then select the parts that are needed. eBay will then present the user with a range of related keywords and these can be found on the left-hand side of the screen.

Click on the option that reads Parts and Accessories.

By navigating around the page and moving the mouse over the options, it is possible to examine lots of different options to find exactly what is required. For instance, to find out about Rotor Blades, follow the link. To find out about Glues and Adhesives, follow that specific link.

When making a purchasing decision, it is a good idea to consider the seller that will be used. Local sellers often present a key advantage over others because of their close proximity to the buyer. It may be possible to arrange a viewing beforehand or inspect the item before committing to a sale.

Purchasing parts from authorised, global sellers also has its own advantages. The amount of choice when buying from the other side of the world enables the user to purchase very specific and highly tailored parts.

Choosing to purchase parts from eBay and being able to filter results down means that it is a less-confusing experience than choosing to purchase parts from high street stores and not having that choice.


Nitro radio-controlled car parts are varied and highly specialised. As a construction project, it is possible to buy a basic frame to start off with and add to it with a selection of coloured engine plates, different kinds of tyres and change the car’s internal power by adjusting the size of the engine.

Constructing a nitro radio-controlled car and seeing it start from a pile of components to the finished article enables hobbyists to compete in competitive races with other enthusiasts. It is also a fun activity for the family, and takes time and dedication to complete.

By looking closely at everything on eBay, and deciding which direction to go in, it has never been easier to build a car from scratch. With many components being bundled together, and parts clearly identified using keywords on the site, constructing a personalised car is entirely possible and will see any enthusiast through even the most complex of builds.


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