Nitro powered trucks/buggies /truggies/etc

Like if this guide is helpful
This is just a quick guide for the first timer with nitro engines.For this guide i will call Nitro powered engines a TRUCK.
So if ya truck is built and ready to fire up for the first time.Re Read yet again your manual on engine tune.Most trucks have a bottom end needle screw and a top end screw.(there is a 3rd screw)
Bottom end screw is for ya tick over(idle speed)Top end screw is for the mixture (TUNING) IF ya truck idles at a good fast speed and not running away at a standstill,but feels sluggish,or no top end speed.The you need to adjust the top end mixture screw.(This is done,because of the the screw in makes the truck run leaner,and unscrewing the the screw makes it run richer.So if ya truck is sluggish with loads of blue smoke,then adjust ya top end screw. Turn it in, But only do this at about 1/tenth of a turn.then run ya truck for 5 mins.(truck needs time to get the new mixture.And keep doing this until you get a just a bit more than a plume of blue smoke under full throttle.IF you unsure Always run ya truck a little richer(more blue smoke)what that means is your engine is getting plenty of oil,so no damage.

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