Nitrotek cars

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Avoid at all costs I bought a bug crusher pro from Nitrowales seller id gibzy18 and have had numerous problems with it, Nitrowales asked waht I wanted the car for I replied off road so they reccomended the Bug crusher pro what a joke.

The pro version is menat to be stronger with more aluminium parts but in truth it is rubbish, A wheel cracked after the first 5 minutes after running the car in the next thing it rolled and caused around £50 worth of damage (around £15 with any other manufacturer) the roll was a very light roll.

The pull start has snapped, the steering servo has broken and the cost keep mounting up.

I would reccomend traxxas for a decent truck I bought one second hand and it takes abuse and asks for more.

The Nitrotek models are cheap to buy initally but the price will mount up in broken parts sometimes without even crashing (drive shafts gears etc.)

the bug crusher cost £180 and has cost me over £280 in total in parts and it still needs parts.

Bug crusher is not the best name because i think if it drove over a bug something else would break and cost a fortune.

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