Nizoral Shampoo Review - Worth Buying?

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When looking for shampoos for hair growth and thickening, Nizoral Shampoo comes up in the search results, and we often start searching for reviews if it works and how, and if it doesn't, at least know why it doesn't?

Nizoral shampoo does not actually work for promoting new hair growth, counter to what they claim it does, but it does artificially make it look like your hair is thicker after a few uses - this is simply because you have smothered a layer of fat on your hair, making it seem shiny and healthy, when actually its counter-productive to the goal of regrowing hair and thickening hair naturally! 

There are only a few shampoos that actually really help with the stopping of hair loss, and helping or at least allowing the environment for hair to regrow thicker and healthier - and this is the Taoist Handmade Soap (as you can see on the chart). 

The Taoist soap is the only soap that is not fat based and is designed for the scalp and skin, stopping inflammation, itchy scalp as well as allowing the hair follicles to regenerate and grow thicker healthier hair - the soap is also so pure that you can even eat it! Which soap or shampoo companies can actually say that about their product? 

If you are not looking for actual help on regrowing hair or actually stopping hair loss (as some people don't really care that much to do it) - then temporary shampoos like Nizoral would work fine as they will make it seem like your hair has volume when it doesn't - but wont stop inflammation (be it hormone related or otherwise) for stopping hair loss like the Taoist soap does. 

Is it enough to just use one method to stop hair loss? No, that is kind of a no brainer - if you want perfect results, you need to work in every dimension of health - not just topical, but internal health, your organs, your mind and your lifestyle! 

It is beyond the scope of this article because it would take me months to write - but being healthy and having great skin and hair have an obvious strong correlation - and that is because when the internal organs are happy, then the external organs look beautiful, because that is the state of health. 

There are people who start jogging 5 miles everyday and that was enough for them to thicken their hair growth and completely stop hair loss - I too have seen similar results, but that didnt stop me from doing everything else I can to keep it that way. 

What about hair loss caused by genetics? 

This is a myth and probably the biggest lie anyone can tell you. DNA and its understanding is very limited to this date, and saying something is hereditory is like saying you will never get past your health condition, which makes little sense unless in extreme cases - So ignore this until they can prove that they can use DNA to trace a persons exact face and hair ratio - until then, you have no reason just to believe something which is hardly a theory, or just often heard in the doctors clinic. 
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