No Descriptions and blurry pics on For Sale items!!

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Having been with ebay for many years now, I find it unforgivable of sellers to not describe their items for sale.  No description apart from a few words, leaves the buyer with very little comeback, if any at all, and for this reason alone, I will not buy anything without a full description.
If people are illiterate or dyslexic then they should get someone to write their article for them, as we the buyer need to know what we are buying...also if pictures are blurry, DON'T buy, because when it comes down to it, you are buying that picture.. sellers should.invest in a good camera as it is down to them to show what they are selling!!

I have gone to buy a few items recently and would have bought IF they had described their item.  It isn't me being picky, but having fallen foul of bad feedback in the past because my items was described as black in my description, the picture apparently made the item look didn't and had she read the description, would have known what colour it was.  So for everyone's sake cover your item and your own feedback by describing well and giving and honest description by putting in an accurate picture of the item you want to sell.

Don't forget, if an item has only a few words and a blurry picture, you have absolutely no comeback...don't waste your time or money buying from lazy sellers, move on and buy from someone who cares!!!  Be warned!!
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