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There has been a recent growth in wart cures on Ebay, and it is important than anyone seeking to treat warts understand a few basic facts about how the wart cure trade works on Ebay.

I have purchased these products I am in a good position to say what is in them and how they work. Also, my brother-in-law is a GP, and he has expressed great concern about how some of these products are marketed and the lack of medical safety assessment they possess. The products are all illegal. Except for the known brand names such as bazooka, I have yet to see a legal wart cure being sold.

Please take the time to review the information below before deciding for yourself is you want to take the risk of trying these products.

  •  The products are a diluted blend of mainly  Tea Tree oil and Thuja (white cedar) essential oils, in a base oil such as almond oil. The Ebay sellers are secrative of the contents, writing their listings as if the products contain some rare and new substance. In fact this is not the case at all. A couple of other aromatherapy essential oils may be added in  varying mixes, but agian common and cheap ones.  All of these oils are commonly and cheaply available online in undiluted form. The mark up for the products on sale are about ten times the actual product cost. Including the bottle and label, a 10ml bottle of the warts oil treatments on offer will not cost more than £1 to make.

  • It is thuja that is recognicesd as a wart treatment .Thuja however, is toxic, and is often offered on restricted sale. There is no hard and fast rule on this, but care must be taken especially if treating genital warts. Undiluted Thuja essential oil can be bought for a fraction of the price online. You can do this yourself but  THUJA IS TOXIC - IT CAN BE USED ONLY WITH CARE and in dilution.
The homeopathic Thuja wart cream is effective and safer and can be bough very cheaply online from a homeopathic pharmacist such as Ainsworths.

  • There is another so called natural wart cure on sale from taiwan. It was removed from Ebay once, but has been selling consistently for months. It contains Podofilox. Podofilox is a prescription only medicine and can only be obtained from a qualified medical practioner. It is entirelt wrong for the seller to claim the product is natural just because it contains ginseng. In reality it is a prescription only medicine being sold illegaly.
So, we have now covered the products on offer and what is really in them. Now for a bit of background on these sellers. In all cases, except for the licensed prescription medicine from Taiwan, the companies selling the products do not have medical licenses or correct authority from Trading Standards. This is something easily confirmed by searching public databases on companies etc. The government body that licenses these products ( MHRA) has strict rules on what can be sold and has a stringent licensing process. I can confirm that the natural wart cures on Ebay do not have this. Further, MHRA requested EBay to remove some of these illegal listings earlier in the year. The seller in question then lay low for a while.

You might ask why this is important? Well, because the HPV virus (which causes gential warts) also causes cervical cancer.  70% of all cases of cervical cancer are caused by the HPV virus and an estimated 18% of ALL cancer cases stem from viral infection...... .and, of course, 90% of the customers that these fly by night unlicensed traders are targetting are individuals suffering from genital warts. Cases of Genital warts have risen dramitcally recently, partly due to a rise in unprotected sex, partly due to a decline in STD clinics. It is an extremely common problem, and these traders are intentionally capitalising on it whilst turning the embarrassment factor to their money making advantage.  Such is the extent of the cervical cancer/HPV problem that Glaxo Smith Kline have recently developed a vaccine against the HPV virus.

FACT 1: The wart cure primary seller on Ebay once sold a blend of diluted aromatherpy oils which he claimed removed moles, skin tags and skin cancer. He sold A LOT of products, because lots of people feel moles are unsightly. In his listings he suggested that people with growing and bleeding moles should use his product rather than see a doctor. Skin cancer is a treatable cancer, but has an extremely high mortality rate if not caught early. A government watchdog had this listing removed, but the seller continues to trade. I use this example to show the morality and motives of the sellers in question.

FACT 2: I want to point out that the sellers in question claim a FAKE affiliation with an american natural wart cure by Forces of Nature/Amoils. In particular on recent seller presented a false contact page for this company, whilst selling his own products whipped up in his kitchen. I know this because I contacted the company in question and examined the origins of his internet listing by tracing the domain names.

The fact is that these traders are all operating illegally. The feedback system is hopeless at catching out this kind of con as 90% of people leave feedback when the packet arrives, not after testing for a month. The few that remain and that do complain, make use of the money back guarantee, and are told by the seller they were an unusual case. This process means negative feedback is rare.
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