No Mot exemption for Recovery Trucks and Spec lifts

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Like if this guide is helpful
Thanks for your report to help people not to get in trouble....

Recovery trucks are generally not mot exempt!!!You need a proper MOT to drive a beavertail or spec lift!
Spec lifts can be exempt when: Vosa test ,all 6 weeks vosa checks, you are the owner of a recovery compay and your spec lift
is registered in your company's name, radius 56 miles to pick up ONLY breakdown cars with a valid tax disc
Driving Licenece is C1E  (medical test 5 years valid and then need to be renewed)
for transporting cars with spec lift(only taxed cars) operator licence and a proper MOT.

Beavertails are NOT mot exempt. It s a ripp off specially on ebay advertised trucks,you are right.
Under Law, it is CON and a offence to sell a truck mot exempt when its required mot!
The Sellers know that law, but they are not bothered, if you tell them "mate, you truck need mot, its not exempt",
the reply is rude and if you find a nice seller he will say nothing but not change the discription......crooks!Anyway,
they don't want spend ££££££in an old rusty banger truck to get it through the mot.....
I contacted ebay about this circumstances,but no reply, they are not bothered!( it looks like that ebay is a helping hand for crime)
So, don't buy a declared mot exempt truck on ebay!!!!I all ways, not for privat use,there is NOTHING exempt!!!
You CANT earn any money with a spec lift, buying and selling scrap cars, all cars on the spec lift NEED a tax!!!!
Check your driving licence C1E.....
I am from germany, was not easy to find answers for mot exemption, i ask a police officer in london, he told me, ask
new scotland yard then you get the right answer....and so on....but when i had an accident with a "mot exempt " lorry,
i am sure he will arrest me and he will find the law........lazy in all ways..,
all these confusion's , the goverment has to stop taxing un mot'd trucks first!but maybe not, it brings some money in
the goverment account when someone get stopped by vosa and fined , a poor human being who like to make some money with cars......
to have a life.....get ripped of twice...beware!Keep clean....
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