No Negative Feedback for buyers

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Be aware you dont know your buyers any more a buyer can now not be left negative feedback
I have quizzed my power seller manager to be told its to stop buyers feeling threatened by bad traders retalliatory feedback hmm
To be honest this just seems a trotted out tired old ebay line ,where is the buyers protection from people who dont follow through on a bid,
dont forget its the sellers who make you money not the buyers It costs us not just money but time also to advertise.
 If a buyer decides hey I was drunk when I bid and now I cant be quite bothered to buy the car and decides this each Saturday night how are we supposed to flag it up
,if we get a non responsive bidder it takes 7 days to register an unpaid item its then a further 7 days if he doesnt respond to get back the final value fee not the listing fee,granted we can relist so we go through the happy scenario again 7 more days another clown that has 100% feedback that I thinks a perfect buyer when really he decides oh oh my missus said last week i cant have a soft top after i bid on 2 and now i've bid on another,Oh well no bad feedback coming i'll ignore the seller  ,7 more days no contact ,then guess what 7 more days and I can relist again for free well great,as now my car has devalued £350 in the book, and I'm trying my luck again in the hope I dont get a drunkard, a man with kids who know his password , a woman who changes her mind on colour who knows.
 All I know is this I pay around 2-3 hundred a month on advert fees and I cant leave my experience good or bad on a buyer ,This needs sorting and fast
Please show your support or nothing will happen to sort this mess
I'm sure that this will be removed so I'll keep trying on your behalf until its sorted or after 9 years I'm off to spend my advertising money eleswhere
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