'No Reserve' do you not know..??

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Like if this guide is helpful

having been a fleabay freak for quite a few years i have noticed one thing..

a lot of people with the magic words in their auctions  'no reserve' usually following 'low start'

Now not sure how many people have also noticed, when you put an item on fleabay the minimum reserve you can have is £50 yes FIFTY POUNDS..

so when you are selling a cheap piece of tack, or something old and decrepid, why put low start and NO RESERVE.

it won't have a reserve unless you think it's worth more than £50...


this is purely a moan now..

when there is a reserve, bear in mind it's AT LEAST £50..

why the heck do people bid is stupid ammounts like £2.50 and £7.45 etc etc...the reserve MINIMUM is £50 !!!!

so you won't win with a crappy bid of £10 will you when there's a reserve..!!!


this guide is not really to help, just to save bidders time by stating the obvious, if it has a reserve make your first bid at least £50.thats how much the seller values it at...At LEAST..



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