Nochex Payments Prohibited

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British eBay have announced its new policy regarding the kinds of payments it will allow and those that are prohibited.

You can read about this new policy in greater detail by visiting eBay’s Help pages; but don’t expect any kind of reasonable explanation about WHY eBay has deemed that some online payment processors are acceptable while others have been prohibited.

The main shock to British eBayers is that Nochex have been prohibited from being used. I’ve seen quite a number of sellers offering this payment processor as an option for their buyers to use - Nochex has been operating in the UK for many years and is the UK’s number one online payment processor - yet eBay has decided to prohibit eBayers from using Nochex in the future.

I don’t feel some how that Nochex will accept this decision with a shrug and a smile, because doubtless British eBayers previously used their services and now they can no longer do so.

The new eBay payment rules state that consideration is given to the company’s history and security record when making the decision to prohibit any payment processor. However as far as I’m aware (and I wait to be corrected) Nochex has had an exemplar record and uses all the latest security and payment protection methods; and I’ve never heard reports of their clients losing barrowloads of cash the way PayPal clients apparently do on a regular basis.

Could the REAL reason Nochex have been prohibited by eBay be because they’re the UK’s direct COMPETITOR against PayPal?? It doesn’t take much working out to suspect that THIS is the REAL reason why eBay have banned Nochex as a payment option for sellers and buyers to use.

Finally, I also have to comment on the fact that eBay will no longer allow CASH transactions - yes of course this payment option has ALWAYS been fraught with difficulty, BUT for some buyers it’s a useful and viable option that they’re willing (and often happy) to use if they’re not fortunate to own a bank account and aren’t willing/able to pay the very high costs attached to purchasing Postal Orders. For a small transaction of under £10.00 I’ve very often been posted cash by the buyer although I haven’t asked for cash - and they’ve always been surprised when I send them their change with their parcel, because they don’t expect it.

I feel it’s perfectly valid to offer buyers the OPTION to post cash payment if they wish to do so, as long as it’s by Recorded Delivery and they accept the risk of posting it - which they all seem to do when it’s for less than £10.00 - I definitely believe that financially disadvantaged buyers without a PayPal or bank account will have to stop using eBay for their small payment bargains, because if they can no longer send cash and can’t afford the cost of Postal Orders they have no other option left open to them.

I think eBay needed to think this new policy through a little more - but then again it’s just another typical example of eBay Admin focusing on their own pockets rather than the convenience of their British sellers and buyers.

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