Nokia 6210

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This is a guide about nokia 6210. I explain some concepts about this mobile phone.

The nokia 6210 is an elegant and practical mobile.

The principal characteristic of nokias 6210 is that they suit as free hands of mercedes, bmw and audi automobile.

Beside serving as free hands of these cars we have that they have a big enough screen, alarm, infrared connection , wap, etc.

We can find dark blue, brown color and black nokia 6210 mobile

The basic operations that we can fulfil with our nokia 6210 is to see his version (messing about *#0000#), to connect it to the cradle of the car (it is necessary to remove the button of behind of the nokia 6210) and put sim (it is necessary to remove the battery to put sim).

Mobiles related to the nokia 6210 are the nokias 6310 and 6310i.

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