Nokia 6230i

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I and a friend bought a Nokia 6230i each from different vendors in December 2005 (Me direct from Virgin and J from Carphone Warehouse)and both phones have really bad batteries which only last 2 days on average before needing a recharge.Even left on stand by unused with no colour screensaver the maximum I have managed to go without needing recharging is 144 hours which is less than half the manufacturers claim of 300 hours! Has anyone else experienced this?

I was really put out to find that fitting my sim card to the new Nokia 6230i from my old Nokia not all my contact numbers were available to me and I had to refit the sim back in the old Nokia and write all my numbers on a piece of paper and input them one by one into the new phone. This was very boring!

The shiny metal keys of the Nokia 6230i are difficult to read in poor light and ones finger nail easily slips off when keying in.My old Nokia was much easier to use! But its gone Hope House charity shop ..

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