Nokia 6310/6310i Dismantle/Housing Facia Change Guide

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These instructions also work for the Nokia 6310i, which has no physical differences. A Torx T6 screwdriver is the specialist tool required to fit this (available from our shop).


1) Remove the battery from the phone.

2) Locate the screws: there are four needed to be dismantled: two in the bottom corners, and two approximately halfway up the phone, directly above those in the corners. Keep the screws as you will be needing them again.

3) Using a plastic shim or similar instrument, the rear chassis can be removed from the phone.

4) Remove the aerial cover by unscrewing the screw at the top, now exposed by the back cover being removed.

5) On the rear of the original front cover, you will see the speaker, vibra motor and buzzer. These need to be transferred into the same respective positions on the replacement housing.

6) Once this is done, replace the aerial cover back into place on the replacement front cover.

7) Clip back in the rear chassis and screw back into place.

8) Switch the phone back on. Common mistakes: if vibration or buzzer are not present, check the respective connection to the main green and gold board of the phone. Also, check the position of the aerial cover as if it protrudes, then this will prevent an 100% fit.

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