Nokia 6310i

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I have had four of these over the past years and whilst it does everything its supposed to I have had problems with  so called refurbished phones and these are  so called re furbished which have been supplied to me directly by Vodaphone and were gauranteed . Phone casing had been hand painted gold ,  not a problem except that I wished they had not bothered as the paint all gradually flaked off over a few weeks after which it looked like the knackered phone which I was asked to return ( presumably so they could fix my old handset and then sell it to someone else ) . The failure on my old phone was that the battery pack or the handset connections regularly fail and the phone goes dead  ( usually in the middle of an important call ) , I have had this problem a few times and Im fairly certain the handset had this problem when supllied to me . Other problem I have had and its now plagueing the latest one I have is that it regularly has a period of about one or two days when it wont make calls out although the display shows full signal and it will take ic calls ,  it wasnt the service provider and my bill was paid up to date , then it suddenly starts working again .

The replacement phones did the same thing after a few months ,  so although its probably an ok phone I need something that works all the time so will just look for a basic business phone with inbuilt loudspeaker facility  ( which the 6310i does not have ) and as for bluetooth headsets , my Plantronics unit worked for about six months being careful with it and now its also knackered , wont be buying another .



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