Nokia (6630, 6680, 6280, N70, N91 TRUE GUIDE TO UNLOCK

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UPDATE SUNDAY 01/07/07. GOOD NEWS Phone lovers with the Nokia Symbian Smartphones 6630, 6680,  6681, N70, N90, N91, & E60, You can now have these models unlocked without going to the network provider. Now check your ebay for full details

The only TRUE GUIDE to Unlock Your NOKIA 6630,6680,6280,N70,N91, IS YOUR NETWORK PROVIDER 

Ebay Listings which quote The Nokia phones (6630, 6680, 6280, N70, N91 and so on)., infact all Nokia Symbian SMARTPHONE can be Unlocked EASY is a total lie, these ebay listings should all be reported to ebay, so, Let us put the record straight, I have seen dozens of misleading information on the Nokia  Symbian SMARTPHONE with quotes listing the phone can be unlocked at the local phone shop or market. STAY AWAY FROM THESE SELLERS/LISTINGS.

The Fact is, these phones CAN NOT BE UNLOCKED at any local Phone Shop or Backstreet Markets, and Yes this includes the BB5 Software.  The REAL TRUTH is, "Yes, these phones can be Unlocked by the Network Provider only, such as, Orange, Vodafone, 3g,  etc, etc, the downside, these networks DO NOT WANT TO GIVE YOU THE CODES , your network will either tell you, you will break your warrant with them therefore you will not get the unlock code, this reply you will get if your phone is still on contract and the same reply for new PAYG PHONES, that is, unless you have your handset already registered with the network you are with or you are due for a upgrade then most networks will give you the unlock code but, do not think for one minute you will get the code for free,  most networks will charge you between £15, £25, 3g network will charge you between £15 to £ 115.00, is it worth it you may be asking yourself, check for yourself.

This is how it is done, You have to be registered with the network for at least 10 days, you then call the network provider and request them to unlock the phone, the network will then explain it will take them another 7 to 10 days before they will contact you with the unlock code, the downside to this is you must have at least £40.00 credit on your phone because the network will take their payment from your credit,

To continue, We now have the New bb5 codes listing unlock software for these BB5 phones (6630, 6680, 6280, N70, N91 and so on).
Symbian Smartphones, Please, do us all a favour and stay away from this too, it does not work, it is again misleading, do not spend your hard earned money on this software. Again, if you believe or feel I am misleading you, then buy the software and see for yourselves, we are only telling you ebayers the truth. The software will not work in the UK, "WHY, because all the UK Networks put their own codes in these phones, please, do not put the blame on to Nokia, for it is the UK Networks who are to blame, however, the 02 Network have been known to send contact upgrades to their customers with their handset being UNLOCKED. Good For Them?????

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