Nokia 8800

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Just a word of warning. some of you who think they will be getting a good bargin for a phone might not

heres what to look out for

check if the buyer claims were hes from e.g the seller might claim hes from UK but is registered in china, these can easily be hacked ebay accounts.

look for paypal verfied users to be verfied the seller must have verfied by phone and bank deposits

never buy of someone who accepts western uninon or direct bank transfers (against ebay policies now)

if your a seller you should look out for:

always check there feedback they might have 10 good feedbacks by buying ebooks for 1p

dont give out a tracking number until you get paid via paypal or cheque

dont get fooled for spoff emails claiming a cheque is ready for you, all you have to do is post the item and send the tracking number

never decide to ship the item to another place only post to the paypal address (some claim they have faimly issues,work and dont have time)


i hope these worked you can always ask me for more information i will be happy to help

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