Nokia 8800

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Recently I have been looking to buy a Nokia 8800 on ebay. I have come across many 8800's, but one thing most people don't realise about the phone is that it comes with two years (24 months) warranty AND NOT one years (12 months) warranty as some people say. This is the true information from Nokia and few Carphone Warehouse branches in central london....if you dont't believe me than check for yourself on the Nokia website.

The funny thing is that even some store's fail to give the correct warranty information, like today I went to vodafone with my 8800 for a simple software upgrade the girl there told me that Nokia gave them new information that warranty for 8800's is one years and that it never was two years (thats all crap).

Oh yeh one more thing: Nokia 8800's sometimes work on the network 3, don't use 3 on any 8800 even if does work because all that happens is it will work for a few days and than 3 will block your phone from being used with any 3 sim card (but any other network can be used).
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