Nokia 8800 arte, carbon arte.. real v fakes

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Please beware when buying Nokia 8800 Arte, Saphire Arte & Carbon Arte mobile phones from ebay.

There are many problems you might have finding a genuine phone, including fakes, losing your money and buying a contract phone that will get blocked. There are many myths and claims with the 8800 artes. Here are some facts to bear in mind -

Buying a chinese version - This is the biggest lie of all, sellers claim they have a "chinese verson" which retails for £350+. FACT There is no such phone as the chinese verson, it is simply a fake counterfiet made from cheap materials.
Not made by Nokia
No built in memory
Only 2MP camera not 3.2
Very poor build quality
Can be bought from China for £60 each!

Buying a contract phone/upgrade - Beware when buying a phone from a seller that is listed as an unwanted upgrade. These can and often blocked by the seller sometime later, usually they have insurance and report the phone stolen they get a replacement, you get left with a blocked phone!!!!
Only buy from power sellers or sellers with high feedback that is 100%  and have been members for a long time. They will usually be safe, DO NOT buy contract phones from sellers with low feedback scores or new members.

Expected prices to pay

8800 Arte -                                   Brand new sim free £499 - £600/ 2nd hand as new £300 - £400.

8800 Saphire -                             Brand new sim free £550 - £699/ 2nd hand as new £400 - £500.

8800 Carbon Arte-                      Brand new sim free £800 - £1099/ 2nd hand as new £650-£800.

I hope this has helped you not get skanked by all the conmen out there, and get a beaufiful stunning Nokia 8800 Arte !. PLEASE RATE THIS GUIDE>>>>>>

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