Nokia 8890 Slider Phone, a great classic

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I bought this phone 3/4 years ago now and it was and still is the best looking phone around. It has an easy user interface and does everything you'd expect from a decent Nokia phone; sms, voice calls etc. So what it doesn't have a camera, bluetooth, WAP/internet, get a digital camera or laptop for that.

The phone is small and stylish and is made of layers of plastic with an aluminum casing, with a paperwhite backlight.

The disadvantage is, if you're not careful, it is easy to stratch and it's expensive to replace the cover. I have recenly replaced the entire case for my phone, but it has made it like new again. But you can avoid this by taking care of it, a suitable carry case would be adequate.

The 8890 uses the GSM 900/1900 networks so this phone can be used in North America, Europe and Asia. But it doesn't work on the 1800 networks (e.g.Orange, T-Mobile in the UK)

This is a classic phone and hard to find, but it is easy to buy on E-bay and this makes a good, cheaper alternative to the new 8800. Bear in mind of the following if you buy from E bay: If in doubt, contact the seller

1. Condition of the handset and more importantly, if it has any faults.Try to go for handsets that are in mint condition. You should also take into account of the casing of the phone.
2. If it is covered by a warranty or after sales service.
3. Look for a reasonble price, there are some good deals around. (around 50+ pounds for a good one)

In conclusion, if you're not fussy about all the modern perks of today's mobiles, the 8890 is the best choice in retro phones.

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