Nokia Lumia 520 Review

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Nokia Lumia 520 Review

This review is for the Nokia Lumia 520 phone which runs on windows 8, with my Toshiba windows 8 laptop. I was genuinely excited with my new purchases as I've never had a computer and a phone that are both truly Windows compatible before. I have always been a PC guy but I usually stick with an iPhone, looking for the perfect interface. My iPhone was great of course with lots of fancy apps and very intuative and easy to use, even though my PC was Windows andmy iPhone was Apple IOS, everything worked great.

So let's start with my new Nokia Lumia 520. When you get a new phone it usually takes a few days to get used to it, but with the Nokia Lumia 520 I felt like I'd had it for years. The interface was simple and customizable. It had a very professional feel to it. I especially liked the start screen and how you pin an app there for your convenience.

With regards to my new Toshiba windows 8 laptop.... Here is where it all goes wrong. I won't go in to the differences between windows 7 & 8 because that's a whole other lot of issues, but getting used to Windows 8 was a little difficult. It was purely compatibility between phone and computer .

I decided to leave it a few days before I connected my phone to the laptop, just to get used to the new operating system on my Nokia Lumia 520. When it was finally time to sync the two together I couldn't have been more disappointed. I thought my phone would start syncing instantly.... No such luck! The most important aspect of syncing for me is music. Windows gives you several options of apps that are meant to do everything for you, from 'Xbox music' to 'windows phone for desktop' the second sounds perfect on paper. There are several options through cloud based services or pay monthly streaming. But I have no interest in that. All I want is the music that's on my pc, on my phone. Yes I can copy the music on no problem but god help me if I want to sync a playlist. I spent a good hour creating a playlist on my laptop in the music app and only then I find out I can't sync them together, and as far as I'm aware there is no app that will do that for you. What a let down!

There is hope for everyone out there though. Good old windows media player. It finds every song on your system and finds every playlist you've ever created. It even gives you the option of compressing your files so that you can add more songs from your library on to your phone. If it wasn't for windows media player I would be f****d!

After a while I did have some issues with the speed of my Nokia Lumia 520. It seemed to slow down which got a bit annoying.  I 've now gone back to the iPhone this time upgrading from my iPhone 4 to iPhone 5. 

In conclusion, if you like cloud based services where you can sync your office documents or you have unlimited data roaming so you can stream music 24/7 this is definitely for you. But if you are like me and you want the more traditional plug and sync method, you will find yourself getting very frustrated while using the Nokia Lumia 520.

This is a very basic thing to get right! Apple seemed to have mastered this, and never in my life, until now, have I thought maybe mac (instead of Windows, as I'm a Windows kinda guy) with iTunes is the way to go. Please please please Microsoft get it together! You're the only hope
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