Nokia Mobile phones UNLOCKING

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I have noticed lots of sellers listing Nokia mobile phones eg 6680,n70,n80,6280 etc as being easy to unlock etc. Nokia have in the last few years introduced a code named BB5 into these and similar handsets, the codes to unlock the handsets to allow other simcards to be used, can only be obtained from Nokia via the network. These phones CANNOT be unlocked by a mate or high street shops or on the web. The sellers claiming these phones are easy to unlock are lying, eveybody knows an unlocked handset can fetch a higher price than a locked handset so ask yourself why if it's so easy to unlock, the seller hasn't done this? The general rule is if the handset is on the 3 network only the the original registered owner can apply for the unlocking code. If the phone is for example on T-Mobile ,Orange,Vodaphone or O2 anyone can apply for the unlocking code and will be charged a fee of around £20.00. If you have brought a handset that is on 3 that the seller has claimed can be unlocked firstly contact the seller if they're the original owner they maybe able to help, if they can't or wont help contact Paypal and demand a FULL refund. So the general rule is if the handset is a Nokia on the 3 network unless you intend to use a 3 simcard STAY WELL CLEAR. If in doubt call me on 0785 989 7184.
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