Nokia N80 Bugs and Faults

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The Nokia N80 was released during Q1 of 2006. An updated bronze and a black version were later added - sometimes referred to as N80 Internet Edition. In some countries, it ceased being commonly available (new) around Q1 of 2007 due to the problems Nokia were having with bugs. Interestingly, aside from the N95 it still packs the most amount of features of any Nokia on the market or that was on the market previously ( at the time of writing ).

Below is a list of bugs (some may have been fixed in later firmware updates):

1/ During an incoming call the screen graphics become scrambled and does not return to normal until the user hangs up.

2/ Frequent browser crashes while browsing websites.

3/ The "Lock phone" function does not appear does not appear in the power button item menu list when powering up the phone closed.

4/ Use of Speed Dial sometimes restarts the phone.

5/ Changing the default Access Point in one application affects another application.

6/ Use of long bookmarks (for web use) sometimes crashes the phone.

7/ With certain memory cards there are sporadic issues where the phone will say "Unable to Read Memory Card".

8/ If SMS messages are set to be stored on the memory card, phone sometimes crashes when connected to a PC via data cable in "data transfer" mode.

9/ Serious lag issues when viewing image/video galleries.

10/ On some phones the N80 requests a new date and time everytime it is restarted.

11/ Network operator Time update function broken.

12/ Service Messages unavailable - phone will show "requesting" permanently.

13/ Frequent phone crashes will typing SMS text messages.

14/ Video quality playback is extremely poor and pixelated even at the highest setting.

15/ Unable to open PDF files even though it is a stated function of the phone.

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