Nokia N95 8GB Scams

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This is my first time writing an artical. I must make all honest ebayers aware of a scam thats been happening for months. If you have purchased a mobile phone from either an individual or distributer then have it checked straight away or better before you buy. Get the IMEI number checked with the network provider the phone is locked too or the network provider you wish to use it with if the phone has been unlocked. My Nokia N95 8GB (A REAL ONE) worked perfectly for 6 months until the other day. I took it to Vodafone and they checked the IMEI number and to my supprise found that the phone had been reported lost or stolen and is now barred for the rest of eternity. Everything else works on the phone which makes you think it's something you've done - it's not, if the phone shows no connection when making a call it's probably been barred.

How the scam works; the seller upgrades or buys a new phone from a retailer or network provider. They insure the phone. They wait 6 months (in my case). They then report it stolen to the network provider or insurance provider. They get a nice new phone and resell it again on EBAY. All the time from the date you bought it, you think you own it. No - the person or distributer still has rights over the phone because they have insured it and control it's future disconnection. So if you have bought one make sure you get the original sale of reciept. Inform your network provider and your insurance provider and send all copies of ownership including your paypal receipt to them and make them confirm that you are now the legal owner or what has happened to me will happen to you unwittingly.

My case is still being investigated - I may or may never get a satisfactory result - if I do I'll update this guide. Good luck!!!  

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