Nokia N95 8gb Spiderman 3 Edition - Software Issue

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Hello everybody. Just something I think you should know in relation to the above edition handset. I really wanted one of these phones until I found out the N96 is nearly here, anyway I digress. I obtained one of these on contract a couple of weeks ago, it is indeed a fantastic bit of kit. I as a matter of course always update my Nokia on the Nokia website to get the latest edition software.

I had no poblems with this until I just checked the Spiderman movie, at which time the dreaded 'Activation Key Required' appeared. (Even though the film is protected). I contacted the network who said it was a Nokia issue and told me to contact them.

Having then contacted Nokia a really helpful chap (no, he was) explained that the Spiderman 3 support ended over a month ago and Nokia no longer support it sooooo, no activation key is possible any-more.

In short as said by the Nokia chap, you can either upgrade the software and loose the film, or keep the film and never update the software.

This does not in anyway detract from the phone it's great. This was just a minor thing that, perhaps people should know. In the end I sent it back and am quite happy to await the forth-coming N96

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