Nokia N97 Debranding Guide

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Nokia N97 Debranding Guide

The Guide:
1. Ensure that you have installed the Nokia PC Suite (on the CD supplied with the phone), make sure that
your phone is connected via the USB cable and that it has been detected. If you do not have the
software you can download it from Nokia here but you will need
the correct cable to connect your phone to you computer. This will be needed if you wish to backup
your contacts ect. If you do not wish to do a backup of your contacts then you can skip this step.

2. Install the following 2 pieces of software:
• Nemesis Service Suite (NSS)
• The Nokia Software Updater

3. Install Nemesis Service Suite. Open the program and then click the "Scan for new Device" icon in the
top right of the screen. The screen should then be filled with information, click the "Phone Info"
button at the top of the screen. Then click the "Read" button. Amongst other things this will show you
the current product code of your phone. You now need to change this to a generic Nokia code.
Replace the current product code with a new 7 digit code from the list at the end of the document,
these are phone specific and the regions will determine what languages your phone will have. For the
UK/US just use Euro1/2, there are also different codes for the colours of the phone but this will have
no difference to the update. Pick a code that most suits your region from the list below.
Once you have your code replace your old code, then check the enable box and click the "Write button".
You have now changed your phones product code! You can double check this by clicking the read
button again; this should show your new product code.

• You may at this stage wish to back up you contacts/files to carry over to the unbranded phone, to do
this use Backup utility within the Nokia PC Suite.


4. You now just have to install the new firmware update. Make sure that you phone is connected to your
computer through the USB cable and then open the Nokia Software Updater that you previously
downloaded. Follow the step by step instructions and install the new firmware. Do not at any time
disconnect the phone until it tells you that it is safe to do so. Note the phone will restart itself during
the update process.

5. That's it, you phone has now been debranded! You can now restore your files/contacts by going back
into the Backup utility, however I suggest that you do not restore settings to the phone as this puts
back some annoying operator defaults such has changed menu layouts.

6. If you wish to update your phones firmware in the future you simply need to use the Nokia Updater
as usual as your phones product code will not need changing again.


RM-505 (Global version) - currently on FW 10.0.012

0587243: N97 Belgium CV B
0587244: N97 Belgium CV W
0584966: N97 Croatia CV B
0587242: N97 Croatia CV W
0585951: N97 France CV B
0588183: N97 France CV W
0586701: N97 Germany (DE) CV B
0586702: N97 Germany (DE) CV W
0585868: N97 H3G HK B
0585869: N97 H3G HK W
0586302: N97 HK CV B
0586303: N97 HK CV W
0586299: N97 Indonesia CV B
0587027: N97 Indonesia CV W
0586199: N97 Malaysia CV B
0586297: N97 Malaysia CV W
0587375: N97 Mobilkom AT B
0584430: N97 Movistar ES B
0584430: N97 Movistar ES B
0584430: N97 Movistar ES B V2
0584430: N97 Movistar ES B V2
0588107: N97 Movistar ES W V2
0584965: N97 MTN ZA B
0587245: N97 Netherlands (NL) CV B
0587246: N97 Netherlands (NL) CV W
0585624: N97 Orange UK B
0585680: N97 Philippines (PH) CV B
0587483: N97 Philippines (PH) CV W
0587239: N97 Portugal (PT) CV B
0587839: N97 Portugal (PT) CV W
0587687: N97 RM-505 T-Mobile Hungary HU WHITE V1 (SL)_COLOR
0587672: N97 RM-505 T-Mobile Hungary HU BLACK V1 (SL
0586703: N97 Russia CV B
0586704: N97 Russia CV W
0586300: N97 Singapore CV B
0586301: N97 Singapore CV W
0587025: N97 Singtel SG B V1
0587026: N97 Singtel SG W V1
0586577: N97 Spain (ES) CV B
0587860: N97 Spain (ES) CV W
0585729: N97 Swisscom CH B
0585718: N97 Switzerland (CH) CV B
0587861: N97 Switzerland (CH) CV W
0588048: N97 Telenor SE B
0586298: N97 Thailand CV B
0587497: N97 Thailand CV W
0586550: N97 TIM IT B
0587767: N97 TIM IT W
0585162: N97 UK CV B
0587240: N97 UK CV W
0587004: N97 VF DE B
0585731: N97 VF PT B
0585731: N97 VF PT B
0585262: N97 VF UK B
0588469: N97 VF UK W
0586296: N97 Vietnam CV B
0587991: N97 Vietnam CV W
0587864: N97Syria (SY) CV B Non GPS
0587866: N97Syria (SY) CV W Non GPS
0576124: RM-505_APAC_AUSTRALIA Black
0576208: RM-505_APAC_AUSTRALIA White
0576129: RM-505_APAC_Bangladesh Black
0576211: RM-505_APAC_Bangladesh White
0576120: RM-505_APAC_CAMBODIA Black
0576132: RM-505_APAC_CAMBODIA White
0576128: RM-505_APAC_EMERGING ASIA Black
0576210: RM-505_APAC_EMERGING ASIA White
0575297: RM-505_APAC_HONG KONG black
0575841: RM-505_APAC_HONG KONG white
0575724: RM-505_APAC_INDIA Black
0576213: RM-505_APAC_INDIA White
0576121: RM-505_APAC_INDONESIA Black
0576133: RM-505_APAC_INDONESIA White
0576119: RM-505_APAC_MALAYSIA Black
0576131: RM-505_APAC_MALAYSIA White
0576126: RM-505_APAC_NEW ZEALAND Black
0576209: RM-505_APAC_NEW ZEALAND White
0576123: RM-505_APAC_PHILIPPINES Black
0576207: RM-505_APAC_PHILIPPINES White
0575722: RM-505_APAC_SINGAPORE Black
0576130: RM-505_APAC_SINGAPORE White
0575266: RM-505_APAC_TAIWAN black
0575829: RM-505_APAC_TAIWAN white
0575728: RM-505_APAC_THAILAND Black
0576135: RM-505_APAC_THAILAND White
0576122: RM-505_APAC_VIETNAM Black
0576212: RM-505_APAC_VIETNAM White
0576356: RM-505_EMEA_ALPS_QW Black
0576435: RM-505_EMEA_ALPS_QW White
0576364: RM-505_EMEA_BALKANS_QW Black
0576462: RM-505_EMEA_BALKANS_QW White
0576411: RM-505_EMEA_Baltian_QW Black
0576488: RM-505_EMEA_Baltian_QW White
0585556: RM-505_EMEA_Belarus_QW Black
0585574: RM-505_EMEA_Belarus_QW White
0576351: RM-505_EMEA_Benelux_FR_QW Black
0576420: RM-505_EMEA_Benelux_FR_QW White
0579050: RM-505_EMEA_Benelux_NL_QW Black
0579054: RM-505_EMEA_Benelux_NL_QW White
0579051: RM-505_EMEA_BULGARIA_QW Black
0579055: RM-505_EMEA_BULGARIA_QW White
0576410: RM-505_EMEA_CIS_QW Black
0576487: RM-505_EMEA_CIS_QW White
0581899: RM-505_EMEA_CIS_QW_2 Black
0581901: RM-505_EMEA_CIS_QW_2 White
0576366: RM-505_EMEA_CZECH_QW Black
0576468: RM-505_EMEA_CZECH_QW White
0576412: RM-505_EMEA_Estonian_QW Black
0576489: RM-505_EMEA_Estonian_QW White
0570817: RM-505_EMEA_EURO_QW1 Black
0576350: RM-505_EMEA_EURO_QW1 White
0574380: RM-505_EMEA_FRANCE_QW Black
0576423: RM-505_EMEA_FRANCE_QW White
0576355: RM-505_EMEA_GERMAN_QW Black
0576430: RM-505_EMEA_GERMAN_QW White
0576375: RM-505_EMEA_GREECE_QW Black
0576474: RM-505_EMEA_GREECE_QW White
0576377: RM-505_EMEA_HUNGARY_QW Black
0576480: RM-505_EMEA_HUNGARY_QW White
0576413: RM-505_EMEA_ISRAEL_QW Black
0576490: RM-505_EMEA_ISRAEL_QW White
0576358: RM-505_EMEA_ITALY_QW Black
0576459: RM-505_EMEA_ITALY_QW White
0579053: RM-505_EMEA_MALTA_QW Black
0579056: RM-505_EMEA_MALTA_QW White
0576406: RM-505_EMEA_MOLDOVA_QW Black
0576486: RM-505_EMEA_MOLDOVA_QW White
0576368: RM-505_EMEA_POLAND_QW Black
0576472: RM-505_EMEA_POLAND_QW White
0576363: RM-505_EMEA_PORTUGAL_QW Black
0576461: RM-505_EMEA_PORTUGAL_QW White
0576402: RM-505_EMEA_ROMANIA_QW Black
0576481: RM-505_EMEA_ROMANIA_QW White
0576403: RM-505_EMEA_RUSSIA_QW Black
0576484: RM-505_EMEA_RUSSIA_QW White
0576352: RM-505_EMEA_SCAND_QW1 Black
0576425: RM-505_EMEA_SCAND_QW1 White
0576353: RM-505_EMEA_SCAND_QW2 Black
0576428: RM-505_EMEA_SCAND_QW2 White
0576365: RM-505_EMEA_SERBIA_QW Black
0576467: RM-505_EMEA_SERBIA_QW White
0576367: RM-505_EMEA_SLOVAKIA_QW Black
0576470: RM-505_EMEA_SLOVAKIA_QW White
0576360: RM-505_EMEA_SPAIN_QW Black
0576460: RM-505_EMEA_SPAIN_QW White
0580747: RM-505_EMEA_Swiss_QW Black
0580748: RM-505_EMEA_Swiss_QW White
0576357: RM-505_EMEA_TURKEY_QW Black
0576458: RM-505_EMEA_TURKEY_QW White
0576405: RM-505_EMEA_UKRAINE_QW Black
0576485: RM-505_EMEA_UKRAINE_QW White
0576554: RM-505_MENA_ALGERIA black
0576573: RM-505_MENA_ALGERIA white
0575743: RM-505_MENA_ARABIC 1 black
0576558: RM-505_MENA_ARABIC 1 white
0576503: RM-505_MENA_ARABIC 2 black
0576569: RM-505_MENA_ARABIC 2 white
0576504: RM-505_MENA_EMBARGO NON GPS black
0576570: RM-505_MENA_EMBARGO NON GPS white
0576556: RM-505_MENA_FARSI black
0576575: RM-505_MENA_FARSI white
0576500: RM-505_MENA_KSA black
0576567: RM-505_MENA_KSA white
0576502: RM-505_MENA_LEVANT black
0576568: RM-505_MENA_LEVANT white
0576555: RM-505_MENA_MEA B black
0576574: RM-505_MENA_MEA B white
0576553: RM-505_MENA_NORTH AFRICA black
0576572: RM-505_MENA_NORTH AFRICA white
0576562: RM-505_MENA_SSA FRENCH Black
0576578: RM-505_MENA_SSA FRENCH White
0576560: RM-505_MENA_SSA Multi Black
0576566: RM-505_MENA_SSA Multi White
0576561: RM-505_MENA_SSA PT Black
0576577: RM-505_MENA_SSA PT White
0576563: RM-505_MENA_SSA10 Black
0576579: RM-505_MENA_SSA10 White
0576564: RM-505_MENA_SSA11 Black
0576580: RM-505_MENA_SSA11 White
0575744: RM-505_MENA_UAE black
0576576: RM-505_MENA_UAE white
0580749: RM-505_MENA_Venezuela black
0580750: RM-505_MENA_Venezuela white

RM-506 (China Version) - currently on FW 10.1.012

0572794: RM-506_CHINA _CTR CHINA black
0575821: RM-506_CHINA _CTR CHINA white

RM-507 (NAM Version) - currently on FW 10.2.012

0576117: RM-507_NAM_ARGENTINA black
0576118: RM-507_NAM_ARGENTINA white
0580761: RM-507_NAM_AUSTRALIA_850 Black
0580762: RM-507_NAM_AUSTRALIA_850 White
0575402: RM-507_NAM_BRAZIL black
0576116: RM-507_NAM_BRAZIL white
0575401: RM-507_NAM_LTA black
0576114: RM-507_NAM_LTA white
0575400: RM-507_NAM_NAM black
0576111: RM-507_NAM_NAM white
0583786: RM-507_NAM_NEW_ZEALAND_850 Black
0583788: RM-507_NAM_NEW_ZEALAND_850 White
0583785: RM-507_NAM_PHILIPPINES_850 Black
0583787: RM-507_NAM_PHILIPPINES_850 White

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