Nokia xpress on fascia - fake or real ??

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Last year I was in the market for a new nokia fascia or xpress-on cover as Nokia call them.

The model i was after was 3510i at the time.

I bought from two sellers both with excellent feedback, and both times i was sold fake covers. They arrived in what appeared on the face of it genuine Nokia packaging - blister pack , and some sort of hologram - but on closer inspection, the hologram was a fake shiny sticker, and the printing on the packaging wasn't what you might expect from a huge multi national like Nokia.

The irony was that there were plenty of people fooled into believing that what they received was a real Nokia cover - which is a shame - and maybe if they you're happy and none the wiser that's okay. Personally I dont think so.

So my advice is BE CAREFUL!!  If you suspect that the fascia you have received is fake, tell the seller that it is a fake and you want a refund. Only pay with paypal, so you can make a dispute.

Fake covers apart from all that has been said, do not fit that great, and also feel a little more brittle than the real ones. The clear plastic screen too, may not be that clear, and the plastic cover that protects the fascia screen will not adhere that well on the screen. A genuine one will have a nice bit of rubbery plastic covering the screen that almost doesnt want to come off, but does as well.. it teases you as it comes off.  

If you'll pardon my little ocd there. Good Luck
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