Non Delivery Scams

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I have been buying on selling on ebay for a number of years, mostly problem free. Recently however I have noticed an increase in the number of items that have been posted by me but have never been received. In some cases these are genuine but in two they were not.;

The first was a buyer who invoked the paypal procedure for non receipt.  This is fine from a buyers point of view but gives the seller little option but to provide a refund if the postal method used in just royal mail standard first class.  It wasn't until after I had agreed to the refund that I was copied in on an email confirming it to the buyer which included about a dozen other refund claims! Either their postman was a thief or the buyer had a nice little scam receiving goods then getting a refund via paypal after claiming non receipt.  Interestingly her account was suspended shortly thereafter.

My second was an international buyer on a fairly expensive top brand item.  I posted the item international signed for. Three months later I received an e mail saying the item had not been received.  I instigated inquiries at this end through the Post Office.  I was told this could take up to three weeks.  During those three weeks I was contacted on numerous occasions by the buyer demanding a refund and threatening to leave negative feedback if not.  I resisted and eventually received a letter from th epost office confirming that the package had been delivered four days after posting and had been signed for at the specified address.  Again the claims went quiet after I sent a scanned copy of the letter to the buyer.

I have had one or two genuine 'lost in the post' items - usually instinct will tell you when these are genuine. In those cases I do refund if it is not an expensive item.  All expensive items (over £20 in my case) should be sent registered or signed for to avoid spurious refund claims in the future.

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