Non Paying Bidder - Negative Feedback

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If like myself you encounter a non paying bidder -

My non paying bidder was baal_123 who brought 7 items and did not pay, usual excuses : First they were on holiday for 1 week, then they had made a mistake on one item, then when this item was removed they did not want to pay the postage!

by all means follow ebay proceedures and open an unpaid item dispute, but pray that the buyer does not respond to your claim. If the buyer responds (mine said they would pay the next day but never did) the Buyer is then entitled to leave you negative feedback, despite the fact that they have never paid you! The biggest scam is that EBAY will not remove this negative feedback as the feedback system is supposed to be the buyers and sellers opinions of each other (inspite of the fact that the seller can only leave positive feedback).

You will, if you sell come across these non paying bidders, the ones who are repeat offenders like baal_123, know the system and will destroy your reputation as a seller by leaving negative feedback to which you are powerless to respond.

Until Ebay protects its sellers (this is where there revenue is created after all) I recommend finding another medium through which to sell your items.



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