Non Paying Buyers - Sellers please leave Feedback

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This is a request to all sellers.

Even though ebay will not allow you to leave negative feedback for non paying buyers, I ask that you still leave feedback. Although it will show as positive, just write the statement ********NON PAYING BIDDER******** in large letters with lots of stars so that it stands out.
This way when other sellers check who is bidding on their items, ( partiularly those with low feedback), they have the option to cancel the bids. Its so frustrating when you go to the trouble of putting a listing together, wait ten days for the auction to end, and then the winning bidder does not pay! And they make no communication, so you have to wait another 10 days before re listing (10 days is the time you have to wait to open and eventualy close a dispute). Thats 20 days wasted.

I know sellers can add buyer requirements, however, this only gives the option to block bidders with -1 feedback or more ....but if sellers cant leave negative feedback, buyers are highly unlikely to get a low feedback score, unless they happen to be a very dishonest seller too!!

I think its time ebay displayed the number of non payed item strikes a buyer has on their feedback page.

If you have opened a dispute, leave the feedback immediately before you close the dispute to get your fees returned , as neither member can leave feedback after the dispute has been closed.

Many Thanks
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