Non Surgical Hair Replacement

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Hair Replacement

When I started loosing hairs on my head (although I had the most pristine head of hair when I was young), initially I tried to console myself that it is part of life however, something at the back of my mind kept urging me to find a solution. This is when I decided to look deeper into solutions. The crux of all this research was there were two solutions available at that time (10 years ago), the first one was surgical and the second one was non-surgical. I was averse to having cuts and crosses on my scalp so I decided (on the balance) to go for the non-surgical solution. Although, I was hesitant as to what would people say (this is one factor which delayed my decision for years), anyhow, I met a hair replacement clinic owner and was able to relate to his story. I went ahead with the replacement solution, shelled out around £500 that time. Initially, some of my work colleagues were cheesy when they saw me with a full head of hair (although I tried to keep it as normal as possible by playing with the density and thickness of hairs on the system), gradually, I learned to ignore those who made remarks and started enjoying styling my hair. This was 10 years ago, and since then I have enjoyed huge surge in confidence and motivation in whatever I do. If you are considering or have started using a system my advice is definitely pay emphasis on the density and thickness of your hair system, go for natural hair system and take good care of the product. I change mine every 6-8 months to maintain that fresh look because after this span of time, the hairs starts deteriorating.

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