Non-medical Ways to Battle Allergies

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Non-medical Ways to Battle Allergies

Although allergies are generally not life threatening, they can be debilitating and disrupt your life. Constant sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes are not pleasant to live with, but allergy medicine has its unpleasantness, as well. However, there are non-medical ways to battle allergies and get you back into life.


Combat Itchy and Watery Eyes

There are several things you can do to get the red out of those allergy-ridden eyes without turning to pills, liquids, or eye drops. Twice a day take a small amount of baby shampoo and apply it to your eyelashes with a little water. This kills allergens that live in your lashes and improves the look and feel of red and itchy eyes. Allergens are also on your pillowcase, so make sure to wash yours frequently during allergy season. You may also want to wash your hair before bed rather than in the morning, as pollen accumulates in your hair during the day and affects your eyes at night.


Eat Unsweetened Yoghurt

Research shows that a daily dose of unsweetened yoghurt helps prevent allergy flare-ups for some and for others it lessens the severity of symptoms. Anti-inflammatory properties in yoghurt prompt your body to produce resistance against pollen. Make sure the yoghurt is free of sweetening properties like high fructose corn syrup that causes your body to increase its histamine production, which in turn triggers more congestion.


Wear Natural Clothing

If you wear clothing made from natural and organic cotton, as well as other organic materials, you can avoid the dust that can trigger an allergy flare up. Dust builds up on synthetic materials like polyester and nylon, but not on natural materials. The fewer microscopic dust particles on your clothing, the less severe your allergy symptoms may be. Some research suggests organic fabric attracts 50 per cent less pollen than synthetic fabric does.


Eat Healthy Snacks

Rather than eating a bag of chips, choose healthy snacks like walnuts that contain a significant amount of omega-3 fatty acid. This healthy fat boosts your immune system, so it fights off the allergens that make your life miserable. Eating walnuts or flax seed each day is good for your body and helps keep seasonal allergy symptoms at bay.


Keep the Right House Plants

Some plants attract pollen more than others do, so if your body reacts badly to pollen get rid of those plants. The offending plants usually include ivy, palm, orchids, and fichus. Instead, keep house plants around that do not invite allergens into your home, such as German violets, chicken ferns, rubber plants, and white flag plants.

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