Nookiethumper lies - ebay don't care.

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I have been caught recently by a seller named Nookiethumper who sold me a Filofax advertised as 'never used'.  She did not list paypal as a means of payments, so the next day I sent her Postal orders by first class post (I have the receipt for this).

After a few days I had heard nothing so emailed her to tell her that she should now have received my payment and that I would like delivery quickly which is why I sent the postal orders and not a cheque.  She informed me that the payment had only just come, which is impossible, and that she couldn't get to the post office for another 3 days to post my item.

The item arrived 6 days later, clearly showing that the item was not posted on the day she had said, and on opening the package, I found that the filofax was full of over 50 pages of her entries - hardly new condition.  I emailed to complain but she was not interested. 

I had to go and buy new inserts and further cost to myself.  As a result of this transaction, I felt justified in leaving neg feedback for the seller.  She also left neg feedback for me stating that my payment had been slow and that the filofax was brand new.  I filed a complaint with ebay, but they have not been helpful at all - basically saying that they have no control over what feedback is left.

I still have the emails, proof of postage, postal order receipts and filofax inserts that were used (a fact that seller is not impressed with).  I am bitterly disappointed with the way I have been treated and the lack of support from ebay.

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