Norman Wisdom Box Set (Vintage comedy)

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Just buy it !!! (search for around £30.00 new, so don't pay more !!)
These 12 film sets fetch nearly the same (used in good condition) as so many folk want them.
Just about the funniest guy on the planet, and who was even highly praised by Chaplin, and Stan and Ollie !!
Norman is a 'gifted' and very clever clown who is also a multi-talented musician and live entertainer (right up to his current 93 years old in 2008). He still makes me laugh until my head hurts !!
I recently lost my lovely Mother, and sat through many nights with her in hospital until the end. Each morning when I got home a around 5.00 am I would put one of Norman's films on to help raise my spirit back up to face the next waking day, as it was the only way that I could cope with the sadness.
It was hard and I made myself do it, but it worked a treat and it was just what she would have wanted me to do knowing her determined (Dunkirk Spirit) humour about life.
Good clean wholesome fun without one swearword in them. Study this guy because he is a 'comedy genius' with expert timing and acting, and doing all his own stunts too. He is a true British treasure who's comedy will 'never ever' die, and now he is immortalised on DVD for generations to see.
What a nice down to earth guy too, because I wrote to him recently and he kindly sent me a dedicated signed photo. It is now on my bedroom wall, and starts every day off with a smile when I look at his mischievous face.
If you don't like it, just stick it back on eBay (on bid only) for your same money back guaranteed, (but I bet you won't after buying it)
Buy his life story books too !! You will learn a thing or two about how it's possible to to 'anything' you dream. A small poor kid who had no shoes to wear, and who was rejected by his parents.
What an inspirational tonic when you are 'down in the dumps'.
Trust me, just buy it !!!

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