Norwich City Football Ticket Buying Guide

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Norwich City Football Ticket Buying Guide

Norwich has a rich and fascinating history. The city was once second only to London in the UK, and still carries a lion on its coat of arms. Norwich has been and still remains famous for a wide variety of products, from wool to songbirds, from lively political discussion and art to its export of fine mustard. But amongst sports fans, Norwich is also famous worldwide for its football team.

Norwich City Football Club is not the most famous or best funded team around, but it is more than able to hold its own against the best teams in the UK and it has a loyal following amongst fans. Naturally, those who have never actually seen a match might want to come see what all the excitement is about. There is only so much a person can learn from reading, and watching a match on the telly just is not the same thing. Tickets sometimes sell out, so they can be difficult to buy in that sense, but the process for finding and buying them is not difficult. There are a couple of different ways to do it, and all that is necessary is to choose the most convenient.

About the Canaries

A new fan of Norwich City Football might want to begin by learning a bit about the club and its history. This way, a new fan can come up to speed, so to speak. The Canaries, as they are nicknamed, are not a young team, and have developed over the decades along with the modern sport of football in the UK. A new fan joins a dedicated and established community that proudly calls itself the Yellow Army.

The History of Norwich City Football

The Norwich City Football Club was founded in 1902 as an amateur club called The Citizens. Their name was changed to The Canaries, since the city of Norwich had been a centre of canary breeding for several centuries. While most people think of canary birds as solid yellow, since many domestic canaries are, both the club's colours, yellow and green, honour the colours of the wild canary.

The football club was declared professional during the 1904-05 season and played well, but financial troubles related to the war forced it to close in 1917. Three years later, the club re-formed and officially adopted the canary logo. This pattern of excellent play and intermittent financial trouble has continued; liquidation was actually only narrowly avoided in the 1950s. In the 1970s, City was promoted to the First Division for the first time. Since then, Norwich has had some poor years, but has returned to top flight several times, making several Championship runs and achieving recognition as the league's top goal scorers.

The Fans of Norwich City Football

Canary fans are not the most boisterous in the world of UK football, but they are loyal. The club's fight song, 'On the Ball, City', is reported to be the oldest in UK football. Independent fans' organisations claim membership all over the world. Norwich City attracts a following not just out of the loyalty locals feel for their home team, but also because of the club's plucky ability to do well against other, often much better funded, top teams. An off year or two, or even relegation, does not put off hard core fans, optimistic as they are that before too long City is going to be top flight again.

Carrow Road

Over the years, the Canaries have had several home stadiums, but Carrow Road has been their home for a long time now. The stadium has a capacity of nearly 30,000 people, and is gradually being expanded to seat still more. While the field itself is open to the sky, the stands are roofed. The higher seats offer excellent views of the surrounding city. The stadium is in easy walking distance of both the train station and several excellent, fan-friendly pubs. The food at Carrow Road is also very good, and includes several different types of the Club's own meat pies. Norwich fans and visiting fans alike report that the atmosphere is comfortable, fun, and relaxed.

Buying Tickets for Norwich City Football Club Matches

There are a number of ways to actually buy match tickets. Picking a way to buy tickets depends simply on what is convenient and, to some extent, what the price is. While looking for tickets, the buyer might well come across club memorabilia.

How to Buy Tickets

There are several ways to buy match tickets, both directly through the club and otherwise. Prices vary according to the popularity of the match. Club members have priority access to match tickets; tickets are only offered for sale to the general public if the match does not sell out to club members. Becoming a member is therefore a good bet for any serious fan. There are several different membership levels with varying prices and associated privileges.

Season tickets tend to be in high demand and usually sell out early. After the season tickets sell out, dedicated fans can put their names on a waiting list for the following year's season tickets, for a small fee. Hospitality packages, including both a meal and a seat at the match, are also available, as are special programmes and opportunities for buying match tickets at discount prices. Tickets are also sometimes resold online. It is important to note that not all third-party match tickets are legitimate. Watch especially for prices that are too high. The main reasons to buy from a third-party seller are either to get an unusually good deal or to get tickets that have otherwise sold out.

Tickets and Other Memorabilia

Of course, the most obvious reason to buy a match ticket is in order to go watch a game, but there is also a lively market in ticket stubs from previous games, as well as game programmes, signed items, and other memorabilia such as shirts and newspaper articles. There are also city-themed gifts, such as baby bibs, edible items, and other pieces that feature the Canary's logo. Some of these are collectable, others are simply fun gift ideas for fans. Collectors tend to specialise so that a person who collects away match tickets might not be interested in programmes, or even home match tickets, but as a general rule, items associated with particularly popular players, important games, or notably winning seasons are worth more. And of course, the better condition an item is is, the more it is worth as well.

When buying memorabilia, be sure to check if the item is what it is purported to be. A shirt supposedly worn by a player in a game might be only a shirt, after all. The fault in such cases may not lie with the seller, who might have accidentally received a mislabelled item. A simple way to check is to ask the seller what he or she knows about the item and why he or she believes it to be accurate. Ask politely and tactfully and the seller should not mind the questioning. Ticket stubs are, in this sense, a very good item to collect because their value does not depend on having a documented provenance.

How to Buy Norwich City Football Tickets on eBay

One of the ways to buy Norwich tickets is through eBay. Since the only difficulty in buying Norwich tickets is that they sometimes sell out, eBay can offer a real service. With luck, even tickets for a sold out came might be listed here.

Finding Norwich City Football Tickets on eBay

Simply typing 'Norwich City tickets' into the search box might return predominantly collectors' items, such as ticket stubs from historical games. One way around this difficulty is to use the menu options to narrow the search to current match tickets only. The other solution is to specify 'sports events tickets' in the original search.

How to Buy Norwich City Football Tickets with Confidence

Buying anything through eBay is actually pretty simple. If there are any questions, address them to the seller directly, using the contact link on his or her profile page. The profile page also lists the seller's feedback score. Some sellers offer express delivery, and some prefer that the buyer pick up the tickets personally, often at the stadium itself.


Norwich is an interesting place with an admirable team. The Norwich City Football Club is over a hundred years old and has a long, rich history of excellent play. Occasional financial problems cannot keep them down. Begun as an amateur team, the Canaries have fought to the top and spent their share of seasons in the First Division. It is no wonder fans around the world follow the City, joining independent support clubs and happily buying Canary-themed merchandise. But following a team on the news and in newspapers is not enough. Those who can get to a match naturally want tickets.

There are a number of different ways to get match tickets and season tickets, including various discounts and packages through the club, either in person or online, or buying through third-party sellers. If going through a third-party seller, the main thing is to make sure that the price is fair. When searching for tickets online, sometimes the buyer might find Canaries collectables and other merchandise instead. In such a case, simply keep searching, the tickets are out there. And, in the meantime, there is no reason not to pick up a couple of collectable mementoes and gifts.

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