Not all Atari 2600 Woodys are collectable!

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Fantastic piece of kit the 2600,I remember mine in 77-78,hours of fun. Now that nostalgia seems to be creeping in to the minds of my generation,i.e anyone mid 30s upwards, why not buy one and relive your days of excitement? Well you can,quite easily, as there are many available on Ebay for sale at any one time. BE AWARE though that the "Sunnyvale California" units are FAR from rare. Yes they are better made than the later Hong Kong units BUT they are not the "rare" item sold by many sellers, who confuse,through lack of knowledge,their own unit,with the TRUE rare one, the "Heavy Sixer" as it is known. Much heavier than a standard sunnyvale,full of internal shielding later dropped due to high cost. Much thicker and crucially CURVED plastic bottom moulding (note the angular corners on most "rare units"),better quality wood and just a far superior machine. Please research "heavy sixer" on the internet to see the glaring differences! Don't be ripped off paying nearly £200 for a standard sunnyvale unit there are literally thousands of them around. The heavy sixer is the true hero, and really is worth such sums of money in collectors eyes. I'm just fed up with sellers who don't do their research. It only takes a few minutes guys come on!
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