Not all dvd sellers are fake.Region 0 discs are genuine

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I have recently read a guide that states region 0 discs from the orient are fake.This is not true.However the other guide is right in saying that there are so many copies how can you tell the difference?.

Answer:It is extremely difficult to tell.Here is some tips on buying orient discs:

1.First and foremost check via the internet when the film was released.If for example you were after the movie Sha Po Liang(SPL) and you found one on the internet in december 2005,this would be a copy from the back of a cinema,as SPL has just finished screening on the cinema.

2.How much is the film.If the seller is selling it at 99p for a brand new recently released film then don't buy it.The cheapest I have seen genuine dvds for is the equivalent of £2.34 and this was on the internet from a trusted website and of course the dvd's are old releases.

3.If the ebayer has noted on their page that it is a genuine/authentic or original release then they are pretty much hanging themselves if they are lying about it being real.Most pirate sellers will not list it as being real or genuine and instead just put the film name and if you're lucky what the description is on the back.

4.The most important rule is to check feedback.Some negatives are left for spite but if a seller has more than a few,read what the negative and sometimes a neutral says.Even positive's can reveal if a dvd is real or not.

5.Can you see the product or is it just a website picture.Majority of new dvd's will be sealed with a barcode label attached to the package.I always like to photo my products so the buyer can see the actual item he/she is getting.Again this is not always easy to do.Sometimes a seller has a high capacity output and does not have the time to photo the items and occasionally technical faults can hinder the process.BUT CHECK TO SEE IF THERE IS AT LEAST ONE DVD ACTUALLY PHOTOGRAPHED ON ONE OF THEIR LISTINGS TO SEE THE QUALITY OF THE DVD'S THEY ARE SELLING.(See below for example)




6.Another thing to check for is that some sellers will state they are in the U.K etc but check their feedback to see if anyone mentions slow postage(this will indicate that the seller is either a drop ship agent or the item is not with them and is coming from abroad)IF THEY LIE ABOUT ITEM LOCATION,WHAT ELSE ARE THEY LYING ABOUT.

     P.S Drop shipping agent's,don't have the product with them,they will order it after you have bought it.

7.Finally.Region All(0) discs are genuine articles.A lot of release companies use this format so that they get more revenue from worldwide sales if a Region 2 etc release is not expected.PLEASE REFER TO MY GUIDE ON REGION CODES FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON DVD ZONES.

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