Not even received my JSM sewing machine

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If anyone is considering buying a JSM Sewing machine be prepared for a long wait, I purchased mine nearly two months ago and still haven't received it.

I have had promise after promise and the odd feeble excuse, now they do not even bother to invent an excuse, I was just told "Thats the way it is"!!!!!!!

It's ok for them they have my money already, but I've had enough I want my money back, so let's see what happens now.

21/12/10 - An Update - Still no sewing machine and no explanation as to why it was never delivered, luckily for me I paid by Visa so I complained to them, they got on to it for me and refunded my money, they are also considering filing charges for fraud as they found out that there are quite a few people who have received faulty machines and people like myself have received no machine at all, I have been lucky I got my money back but many people have not, why do they keep getting away with it and as far as I can make out they are still advertising, I would have thought by now trading standards would have put a stop to them, but they do advertise on ebay under other trading names so please do be very careful if purchasing from them and investigate thoroughly, or you too could wait almost two years to get your money back if you get it back at all.

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