Not so Expensive Watches

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We hear alot about the more expensive watches, but also be aware that most of the cheaper watches on ebay, even ones for as little as £5.00, can be bought even cheaper if you check out the web.

I wanted to get my wife a new watch, she said as cheap as possible as her work with people with learning disabilities means that her watch can easily be torn from her wrist or broken, i spotted a couple of watches i liked both selling for under £10.00, so thought i would get both so she has a spare.

I then decided to "Google" the make. and was surprised to find a company selling the watches at the unbelievable price....10 (thats TEN) watches for under £20.00 or £2.00 each.

as you can guess i didn't buy the watches, and ended up giving her the money to go and buy her own watch.

Basically, it's worth spending a few minutes investigating something your thinking of buying, watch, camera, TV, anything, as you.ll regret it if you find out later that your £50.00 item is only worth £5.00

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